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AchievementsBearing in mind that microvolunteering is not quite on the tip of everybody’s tongue, we just thought you might like to know the inroads we’re making in order to increase awareness about what ordinary people can achieve from the comfort of their own home in just under 30 minutes – whilst still dressed in their pyjamas.

June 2015: Volunteer Engagement 2.0 Book – We wrote a 15 page chapter (out of 35) on microvolunteering in VolunteerMatch’s book. We believe it was the first time the topic of microvolunteering was given it’s own chapter in a book

January 2015: Microvolunteering Events 2014 – We published a report that we believed was the first time that documented events that revolved around the concept of microvolunteering, as organised by other initiatives

April 2014: Virtual Volunteering in Europe Report – We were 1 of 7 case studies included in a major report commissioned by the European Commission, that looked at internet mediated volunteering in Europe

March 2014: Microvolunteering Day – We organised the first ever International Microvolunteering Day on March 15, 2014

September 2013: Micro Skills Match – We introduced a project to match up skilled microvolunteers with worthy causes who need bite-sized tasks completed with professional / experienced input

August 2013: ‘Do Good’ Cards – We introduced a campaign to encourage people to start a chain reaction of connected microvolunteering actions around the world. Whilst there are similar schemes like this one out there, we believe it’s the first one to involve microvolunteering actions.

July 2013: Weddings 4 Good Causes – We introduced a campaign to encourage the happy couple-to-be to invite their guests to donate time (through microvolunteering), rather than gifts or money. As far as we know, we believe this is a ‘first’ in the world!

June 2013: In-flight Volunteering – We introduced a project to encourage people to microvolunteer whilst flying on a plane. We believe it was the first one in the world to do so!

April 2013: Skills 4 You – We introduced a scheme to enable people to attain work based skills from their own home or on the go, via microvolunteering actions.

September 2012: Microvolunteering Parties – We introduced a pioneering concept to engage youth to collectively microvolunteer in groups via our Microvolunteering Parties project

April 2012: Microvolunteering Consultancy Service – We introduced a pioneering consultancy service that introduced voluntary organisations to the microvolunteering concept and guided them to create microvolunteering actions that benefitted their cause. As far as we know, we believe this is a ‘first’ in the world!

October 2011: Help From Holiday – We introduced what was believed to be the first ever responsible tourism scheme where you could actively benefit projects in far off lands from the comfort of your own armchair!

July 2011: UK Government Endorsement – We were endorsed by the UK Government in their Volunteering category on their official Number 10 website

May 2011: ‘Microvoluntering: Evidence of Impact’ - We carried out what was believed to be the first study into the impact of microvolunteering

May 2011: ‘Change the World From Just Your Classroom’ Project - We released what was believed to be the first teacher education resource to enable students to volunteer as part of a citizenship course during a class lesson, without them leaving their classroom!

April 2011: How To Set Up A Microvolunteering Project – 40 plus page handbook for charities and nonprofits published on ‘How To Set Up A Microvolunteering Project’. Described by Volunteer Match as the ‘most comprehensive guide to microvolunteering we’ve seen’.

February 2011: Volunteer Centre Campaign – We finished our campaign to encourage UK high street volunteer centres to promote microvolunteering. In all just over 50 centres started to promote microvolunteering – a year before, none were.

January 2011: UK Government ‘Giving’ Green Paper - We appeared in the UK Government Green Paper, ‘Giving’ as an example of a platform that can help people volunteer in non-traditional ways as part of their Big Society vision

August 2010: Microvolunteering Category – inspired by HFH’s efforts in the microvolunteering arena, vinspired (UK org that promotes volunteering to 16 – 25 year olds) became the first national volunteering network to introduce a new ‘Micro-Volunteering’ category for it’s volunteers to choose from.

May 2010: Help From Work - We introduced what was believed to be the first dedicated employee volunteering scheme involving microvolunteering actions

April 2010: Microvolunteering Survey - We conducted what was believed to be the first ever survey into the microvolunteering arena.

March 2010: Help From Seniors - We set up a scheme to promote awareness of the benefits of microvolunteering in the hope that it would empower senior citizens to believe in their self worth, confidence and esteem and thus improve their lives and others

January 2010: Regular Micro Volunteer Newspaper Feature - As far as we know, we published the first regular article on microvolunteering opportunities on the net on