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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Our Vision

Man with telescopeMicrovolunteering is not really on people’s radars at the moment and it is Help From Home’s aim to bring this concept to a wider audience. Thus, to bring about this change, we have the following visions, which we hope you will follow as we implement them in the coming months and years!

We wish to introduce the following additional categories, to spread more mini moments of goodness out there:

Help From Prisons (Change the World Behind Bars!)

  • Introduce meaningful activity programmes centred around microvolunteering to instil a sense of respect and social responsibility in prisoners / ex-offenders for others. You can find more information via one of our articles compiled by a guest volunteer

Help From Hospitals (Change the World From Your Hospital Bed!)

  • Introduce easy microvolunteering activities into the hospital environment as part of a patient’s convalescent or therapy programme. These activities will not only benefit the patient, but also the worthy causes that the actions are designed around. We need some help to get this up and running – see here.

Additional Vision Ideas

  • Cruise Ships and Hotels – inspiring organisations that run cruise ships and hotels to encourage their customers to microvolunteer during their spare moments as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme.
  • Microvolunteer Capital – Help From Home is open to explore with any city the notion of it becoming the first Microvolunteer City in the world. Each city around the world wants to claim to be something unique and no-one has grabbed this snappy little title yet!
  • Celebs In Their Pyjamas – encouraging celebs to don their pyjamas to help promote the concept of microvolunteering. If you’re a celeb, then please get in touch – we’d simply luurve to talk to you, darling!

If you feel you can help us out on any of the above visions, then please do get in contact with us. Advice, information or just some contacts of useful websites or people would be handy.