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We want to show the world who is microvolunteering and therefore who is changing the world. We couldn’t think of anything better than to show people in their pyjamas! Why? Just look above at our tagline. Our campaign’s called #PyjamaPower. Snappy, eh!

How To Get Involved

Simple! Selfie yourself or your friends in your pjs holding up a sign stating, ‘I change the world in just my pyjamas!’ Then either:

1) Attach it to a Twitter post, accompanied with #PyjamaPower or….

2) Send it to us at the email address below and we’ll add it to the image stream opposite

To make it even easier for you (because we’re just all round good guys), here’s 2 poster designs for you to consider using. Download, print, snap!

But Don’t Stop There!

Be part of our awesome social media campaign to spread the word that #PyjamaPower is cool.

On Twitter

I’m changing the world in just my pyjamas! What do you do in yours? More info #PyjamaPower

Be the change you want to see….in your pyjamas! More info #PyjamaPower

Join the Pyjama Power campaign and show the world who is changing it – in their pyjamas! More info #PyjamaPower

On Facebook

Join Help From Home’s #PyjamaPower campaign to tell the world that they can change it in bite-sized microvolunteering actions – whilst still in their pyjamas. Take a pic of yourself holding up a sign stating, ‘I change the world in just my pyjamas!’ For more information visit

On Pinterest

Pin one of our fun pics from our Pinterest #PyjamaPower board onto your fave Pinterest board. Simple as…!