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Skills 4 You – For Activity Co-ordinators

What is Microvolunteering?

Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment actions that benefit worthy causes and which can be completed in under 30 minutes. The actions are repeatable until the overall objective of the project is achieved.

Our system is designed to enable people to attain a degree of competancy in work based skills via the microvolunteering actions featured on our website.

What / Who It’s Suitable For
Youth club activities
Careers advisors
Homeless shelters
Job seeking initiatives
Community outreach schemes
Social workers

How is this scheme useful to you?

If you manage people where your remit is to provide them with activities that could improve their chances in life, then our Skills 4 You scheme could be useful to you. It basically involves:
the people you manage participating in microvolunteering actions
you to verify the time they volunteered and thus their competency in work based skills
us to issue virtual awards for inclusion in ePortfolios that could compliment their CV

How does it work?


Build up skills


.Arrange for the people you manage to have access to the internet
Invite them to choose a skill from the Work Skills webpage, where they need to participate in actions that will build up their competence in particular skills
Screenshots need to be taken of their completed actions. Instructions for taking a screenshot are included on the Work Skills webpage


Create an ePortfolio


.Visit our ePortfolio webpage where the people you manage need to create a free ePortfolio account and webpage
The ePortfolio then needs to be populated with information on their microvolunteering activity, along with screenshots of actions and skills related achievements as evidence. An example of an ePortfolio, with instructions, is provided opposite. Just click the image

Each screenshot should clearly show the time at which the action was completed, and a description of the evidence of the action completed. Take a look at these slideshows below:


Verify time microvolunteered


.You need to verify the time the people you manage, have microvolunteered. The evidence provided by the screenshots combined with an estimated time allocated for each action on the Work Skills webpage will help you manage this. This can all be recorded down on a free downloadable purpose designed timesheet
We will issue virtual Awards Badges once time thresholds have been reached. These are:

Bronze = 10 hours
Silver = 25 hours
Gold = 50 hours
Here’s some sample images of the Award Badges below:

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

Contact Us with name of microvolunteer, Award threshold, your name and verification of the position you hold as an Activities Co-ordinator (or similar relevant role) and purpose of email (we get lots of emails, so we need to home in on it’s purpose)
Once verified, we’ll personalize an Award Badge and send a hi-res image back to you via email, to be included by the microvolunteer within their ePortfolio


Awards Badge


Employers will see Awards Badge as an at-a-glance visual aid of volunteering hours and skills attained. Refer to our Employers webpage, which explains the process to them, so that they are aware of the purpose behind this scheme.

The Awards Badge is not a validation from us that hours or skills have been attained.

The ePortfolio with attained Awards Badge, can be promoted to employers to compliment a person’s CV