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Skills 4 You – ePortfolio

ePortfolios are a way to convey a multitude of information about yourself and are most commonly used as either a complimentary aid or as an alternative to the old paper CV.

We suggest using an initiative called FolioFor.Me, which enables you to document and showcase your online CV, that includes the ability to display screenshots to evidence your completed actions. FolioFor.Me enables you to create a personalised web link to your ePortfolio which you should then include as part of your CV package to prospective employers. 

Creating an ePortfolio

Create an account with FolioFor.Me
Note: – FolioFor.Me is a 3rd party external based website.  Any specific queries relating to their service needs to be directed to them

Watch the tutorial video opposite to set up the basics of your ePortfolio page. It’s up to you how you design the layout and how much you complete of your ePortfolio, but you must ensure it provides an easy at-a-glance view of your achievements, so that employers can readily see what skills you’ve attained

Watch the video opposite to create a web link to your ePortfolio that you should include within the CV you send to a prospective employer. Only the people you notify of the link will be able to see your ePortfolio.

Visit the sample ePortfolio page we’ve set up. It includes a handy set of top tips and notes to guide you through the ePortfolio creation process. Read it in tandem with our FAQs.

We’ve also created a slightly alternative ePortfolio page layout, stripped of all the tips and notes, to show you another example of what your page could look like. Click on the image opposite to view it.

That’s it! To summarise then:

complete an action
build up your skills
promote your ePortfolio
land a job or promotion. Bingo!!