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Skills 4 You – For Employers

What is microvolunteering?

Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment actions that benefit worthy causes and which can be completed in under 30 minutes. The actions are repeatable until the overall objective of the project is achieved.

Our system is designed to enable people to develop a degree of competence at certain work based skills via the microvolunteering actions featured on our website.

Advantages of the ‘Skills 4 You’ Scheme
scheme is transparent
judge skill levels yourself
no administration involved
visual aids for hours volunteered
ePortfolio better than paper CV
potential employee more innovative
ongoing staff training possible
current staff can develop new skills
potential to be ‘employer of choice’

How can microvolunteering actions be used to develop work based skills?

We’ve handpicked actions for the relevancy of their skills suitable for a work based environment. Each action has a defined set of instructions for it’s completion – any deviations and the action will be null and void. This means that skills can only be attained if the action is fully completed. Please refer to our Skills page to see what actions and skills are provided within this scheme.

We guide participants to create screenshots of their completed actions within an ePortfolio account (typical example here), as evidence of the skills attained. The more screenshots they provide over a variety of actions, the greater their proficiency gained.

How are skills verified?

Via the screenshots or photos a participant takes of a completed action. As mentioned before, each action can only be completed if a defined route is followed. This means that a screenshot of the completed action becomes the evidence demonstrating the participant’s involvement in that action. We advise participants to highlight / notate the screenshot with details of their name, time of action completed and brief details evidencing the completed action.

We provide Award Badges when a participant achieves a certain threshold of hours volunteered. The Award Badge is a visual aid in a participant’s ePortfolio to enable you as an employer to determine at-a-glance how many hours they’ve microvolunteered. It is not a validation from us that they have achieved those hours.

Award Thresholds

  • Bronze = 10 hours
  • Silver = 25 hours
  • Gold = 50 hours

Here’s some sample images of the Award Badges below, so that you can cross reference it’s validity in a person’s ePortfolio.

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

Benefits To You

Participants in this scheme will:

make great team players, because of their altruistic attitude

be self motivated, due to their efforts to step outside the box to impress you

be pro-active, because of their innovative approach to gain skills

be ready-to-work, via their ongoing commitment to keep their skills fresh

have demonstrated commitment to improve their employability

have a unique selling point, purely by association with this scheme