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Skills 4 You – Introduction

Microvolunteering could help you gain a degree of competency in work based skills from your own home, whilst you are in your current job or out of work. It’s flexible enough to fit around your lifestyle and commitments and enables you to use your current skills or learn new ones whilst volunteering and benefitting others.

How could microvolunteering benefit me?

  • It conveys a sense of ‘pro-activity’ in employers’ eyes
  • Employers may look favourably towards your innovative way to gain work based skills
  • You can improve your transferable skills
  • You can enhance your CV with the skills you’ve attained
  • It could increase your chances of finding work
  • It allows you to develop skills on demand and on your own terms
  • Employers may look favourably on your altruistic attitude

How To Develop Your Skills

Visit the Work Skills webpage
Choose the skill(s) you wish to gain
Participate in an action to develop your skill
Take a screenshot of your completed action


Visit the ePortfolio webpage
Create a free ePortfolio account and webpage
Populate your ePortfolio with screen shots and skills related achievements as evidence


Build up your hours via micro-actions
Thresholds for Award Badges are:
Bronze = 10 hours
Silver = 25 hours
Gold = 50 hours


Apply for your personalised Award Badge
When you’ve reached an Award threshold, Contact Us stating your name and which Award you’re claiming
We’ll issue you with a virtual Badge, personalised with your name and hours completed


Add the Badge to your ePortfolio
Employers will see this as an at-a-glance visual aid of your volunteering hours and skills attained
Promote your ePortfolio to employers to compliment your CV package


But First, Please Register Your Participation!


How is my volunteered time, validated?

Via the screenshots or photos you personally take of a completed action, accompanied with a Skills Timesheet. There is no need for us to become involved in the validation process, as your screenshots / photos / Timesheet provide the evidence. The ePortfolio is your assurance to a potential employer that you have completed the Award threshold in an honest and diligent manner. In turn, the employer can cross check your ePortfolio at anytime. It will therefore be in your interest to have a robust record of your time microvolunteered and skills attained. Basically, you should view this as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills to work on your own initiative, as well as present your work in a structured, presentable manner. Employers look very favourably on such skills.

When should a screenshot be taken?

Depends on the action you’re participating in. If a third party initiative has a way to record your actions, then a screenshot should be taken when you’ve completed an action or a multitude of actions. So, using our Skills Portfolio Evidence document found in the sample eportfolio which can be accessed from this webpage, it shows one action from Distributed Proofreaders where an accumulation of actions can be recorded with one screenshot. On the other hand, if you were to complete an action from Postpals, you would have to take a screenshot of each email you send to a sick child, or photo if you send a letter through the post.

Are the Award Badges a validation of my time volunteered?

The Award Badge is a visual aid to employers to determine at-a-glance how many hours you’ve microvolunteered. It is not a validation from us that you have achieved those hours or skills. The onus is on you to provide this via your screenshots / photos of your completed actions.

What do the Award Badges look like?

Well, seeing as you asked, here’s a small image of the badges. The badge you’ll receive, if you accept your mission, will be high res detail and personalised with your name.

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

How is my time calculated?

Cumalatively! The first 10 hours = Bronze. The next 15 hours = Silver. The remaining 25 hours = Gold

What actually is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of digital information that demonstrates development or evidences learning outcomes, skills or competencies. It is capable of providing a much more enhanced record of your achievements to a potential employer, than a paper CV can.

Will you help me create an ePortfolio?

Sure! Click here for more information. We’ll also provide tips to make your screenshots / photos instantly recognisable as a record of your own time volunteered.

Can you recommend any careers advice websites?

Sure! UK based Susan Burke Careers is one we’ve worked closely with. Lots of resources to find work experience, research careers, understand tuition fees and so much more.

The Last Word

Skills 4 You is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage people to attain a degree of competency in work based skills to enhance their CV.