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Casserole Club – Donate Extra Food To Neighbours

UK based Casserole Club helps people to share extra portions of home cooked food with others in their area who might not always be able to cook for themselves. As a microvolunteer, it basically involves signing up to the site, watching a food safety video, finding a local diner in need of help, cooking an extra portion of whatever meal you’re preparing, and finally delivering it.
The only drain on your time will be in delivering the food, as you’ll be cooking the extra portion of food along with with the food you’ll be normally cooking. There is no commitment to regularly cook – cook when you can. It’s mostly conducted through the internet, but there are facilities to participate in this scheme offline. Whilst the website states it is focussed on several London boroughs, it does have plans to expand alot further.
Make someone’s day and do something great with an extra plate!


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