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Cat Tracker – DNA and Personality Tests for Cats

You share your home with them, you feed them, you buy expensive toys for them and you most certainly have your belongings under permanent attack from them. But how well do you really know them? No not toddlers – or your parents – we’re talking all things feline. The US based ‘Your Wild Life’ are giving you the opportunity to definitively answer that age old question; how well do I know this furry, four legged assassin beside me?
With two quick activities to take part in it’s easy to unlock the mysteries of your feline friend. Either help collect information through isotopes by sending a small sample of your cats fur, collected by brushing, and a handful of their dried food in sealed plastic bags. Or if your moggy is a little too aloof for genetic tests why not take the sites quick and kooky Cat Personality test to find out just what is going on inside that cute but deadly exterior.


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