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Virtual Volunteering

Volunteer your services whilst still wearing your pyjamas. All of the links below will take you to a search portal or an organisation where you can put your knowledge, wisdom or skills to good use by helping people directly from your computer.

Metropolitan Homelessness Project – Web Searching

Find out more about   Metropolitan Homelessness Project – Web Searching

Manufacturing Change – Aiding Developing Countries

Find out more about   Manufacturing Change – Aiding Developing Countries

AXS Map – Mapping Wheelchair Accessibility

Find out more about   AXS Map – Mapping Wheelchair Accessibility

WheelMap – Locating Wheelchair Accessible Places

Find out more about   WheelMap – Locating Wheelchair Accessible Places

Humanity Road – Disaster Relief Information

Find out more about   Humanity Road – Disaster Relief Information

RSPCA – Preventing Animal Cruelty

Find out more about   RSPCA – Preventing Animal Cruelty

Nabuur – Global Help for Local Communities

Find out more about   Nabuur – Global Help for Local Communities

Spanda Foundation – Expanding Ethical Perspectives

Find out more about   Spanda Foundation – Expanding Ethical Perspectives

ProPoor – Connecting Nonprofits to Information

Find out more about   ProPoor – Connecting Nonprofits to Information

Hearts and Minds – Information for Change

Find out more about   Hearts and Minds – Information for Change

INCIID – Helping People to Build Families

Find out more about   INCIID – Helping People to Build Families

Christian Virtual Volunteering

Find out more about   Christian Virtual Volunteering

MacDonald Youth Services

Find out more about   MacDonald Youth Services

UNV Online Volunteering

Find out more about   UNV Online Volunteering

Fix The Web – Making the Internet Accessible

Find out more about   Fix The Web – Making the Internet Accessible