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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Each of the initiatives linked to in this category all focus on a specific but separate topic from each other. Each topic is too specialized to be given its own category hence the Miscellaneous tag.

Step Forward! Ambassador – Antisocial Campaigning

Find out more about   Step Forward! Ambassador – Antisocial Campaigning

Building Inspector – Citizen Cartography

Find out more about   Building Inspector – Citizen Cartography

Map of Play – Geolocating Playgrounds

Find out more about   Map of Play – Geolocating Playgrounds

Appalachian Mountain Club – Visibility Reporting

Find out more about   Appalachian Mountain Club – Visibility Reporting

American Red Cross – Multiple Microvolunteer Tasks

Find out more about   American Red Cross – Multiple Microvolunteer Tasks

British Library Maps – Georeferencing Maps

Find out more about   British Library Maps – Georeferencing Maps

The National Map Corps – Updating Maps

Find out more about   The National Map Corps – Updating Maps

Smile Card – Spreading Kindness

Find out more about   Smile Card – Spreading Kindness

Frontiersmen USA – Disaster Reporting

Find out more about   Frontiersmen USA – Disaster Reporting

Book-Cycle – Researching Partner Charities

Find out more about   Book-Cycle – Researching Partner Charities

Resolve International – Internet Searching

Find out more about   Resolve International – Internet Searching

Missing Pet Register

Find out more about   Missing Pet Register

I Paid a Bribe – Reporting Instances of Bribery

Find out more about   I Paid a Bribe – Reporting Instances of Bribery

PinItToGiveIt – Helping Women Cancer Sufferers

Find out more about   PinItToGiveIt – Helping Women Cancer Sufferers

Voluntary Sector Bargain Spotter

Find out more about   Voluntary Sector Bargain Spotter