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Submit an Idea

The sites below all allow you to submit an idea which could potentially change the world. Most of them are run on the basis that you submit your idea for the common good rather than making money out of them.

My Kinda Crowd – Brainstorming Ideas

Find out more about   My Kinda Crowd – Brainstorming Ideas

Barry Ideas Bank – Ideas for Community Action

Find out more about   Barry Ideas Bank – Ideas for Community Action

Mindapples – Ideas for Mental Wellbeing

Find out more about   Mindapples – Ideas for Mental Wellbeing

IfWeRanTheWorld – Inspiring Microactions

Find out more about   IfWeRanTheWorld – Inspiring Microactions

Creativity Pool – Society Changing Ideas

Find out more about   Creativity Pool – Society Changing Ideas

IdeaExplore – Human Ingenuity Database

Find out more about   IdeaExplore – Human Ingenuity Database