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Tutoring by Video

Fancy a bit of face to face tutoring via Skype, phone or similar, then have a look at some of the actions below. Strictly speaking, these aren’t really microvolunteering opportunities as they may involve a small degree of commitment and / or training, but hey they can still be participated in a short space of time, mostly on an ad-hoc basis so we’ve included them on our platform.

Skype Granny – E-mediating Learning Sessions

Find out more about   Skype Granny – E-mediating Learning Sessions

Infinite Family – E-mentoring African Teens

Find out more about   Infinite Family – E-mentoring African Teens

7 Cups – Online Counselling

Find out more about   7 Cups – Online Counselling

English Out There – Improving Spoken English

Find out more about   English Out There – Improving Spoken English