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Each of the initiatives linked to in this category all focus on a specific but separate topic from each other. Each topic is too specialized to be given its own category hence the Miscellaneous tag.

Plastic Bank – Recycling Plastic For Good

Find out more about   Plastic Bank – Recycling Plastic For Good

Reporta Trolley – Reporting Abandoned Trolleys

Find out more about   Reporta Trolley – Reporting Abandoned Trolleys

Waterway Treasure Map – Sharing Water Knowledge

Find out more about   Waterway Treasure Map – Sharing Water Knowledge

Visit Woods – Woodland Reviewer

Find out more about   Visit Woods – Woodland Reviewer

WePatch – Discovering Gardening Plots

Find out more about   WePatch – Discovering Gardening Plots

Fruit City – Mapping Fruit Trees

Find out more about   Fruit City – Mapping Fruit Trees

Urban Oasis – Mapping ‘Green’ Spaces

Find out more about   Urban Oasis – Mapping ‘Green’ Spaces

Morsbag – Reducing Plastic Bag Usage

Find out more about   Morsbag – Reducing Plastic Bag Usage