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Recycle Gadgets

Electronic gadgets get outdated quite quickly. Instead of throwing them away, why not consider donating them to the initiatives below, who will then match them up to where they are most needed around the world.

Digital Growth – Recycling E-waste

Find out more about   Digital Growth – Recycling E-waste

Donate Your Remote

Find out more about   Donate Your Remote

Born Free – Donate Unwanted Cameras or Laptops

Find out more about   Born Free – Donate Unwanted Cameras or Laptops

Electronic Recycling Association

Find out more about   Electronic Recycling Association

Donate A PC

Find out more about   Donate A PC

World Computer Foundation

Find out more about   World Computer Foundation

Cristina – Recycling Computers

Find out more about   Cristina – Recycling Computers

Recycles – Recycling IT equipment

Find out more about   Recycles – Recycling IT equipment