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Recycle Mobility / Medical Items

All sorts of medical equipment can be re-used and donated to the various organizations listed below. Depending on the item, some organizations will collect, some have drop off points and some will only accept posted items. Either way, any medical items you can donate will be put to good use for needy people around the world.

Vision Aid Overseas – Donating Spectacles

Find out more about   Vision Aid Overseas – Donating Spectacles

Recycle For Sight – Donating Spectacles

Find out more about   Recycle For Sight – Donating Spectacles

InterCare – Medical Aid for Africa

Find out more about   InterCare – Medical Aid for Africa

New Eyes – Recycling Glasses

Find out more about   New Eyes – Recycling Glasses

Glasses Without Borders

Find out more about   Glasses Without Borders

Unite for Site

Find out more about   Unite for Site

Wheels for Humanity – Recycling Wheelchairs

Find out more about   Wheels for Humanity – Recycling Wheelchairs

The Wheelchair Project

Find out more about   The Wheelchair Project

Chariots of Hope – Donating Wheelchairs

Find out more about   Chariots of Hope – Donating Wheelchairs