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Recycle Printer Cartridges & Mobiles

Ink cartridges and mobile phones are everywhere and so much of them get chucked away once the user has finished with them. Stop, don’t through them away. They can be used to raise funds for charities. All you have to do is request a Freepost envelope and pop it in the post at no cost to you. All of the organizations below offer this service, so there’s no excuse to chuck those ink cartridges and mobiles away now.

PaceButler – Books for Recycled Phones

Find out more about   PaceButler – Books for Recycled Phones

Greensource – Raising Money for UK Charities

Find out more about   Greensource – Raising Money for UK Charities

Recycle 4 Charity

Find out more about   Recycle 4 Charity

ShP Charity – Charity Fundraising

Find out more about   ShP Charity – Charity Fundraising

RNIB – Raising Money for the Blind

Find out more about   RNIB – Raising Money for the Blind

Office Green

Find out more about   Office Green

Reuze – Used Cartridge Recycling List

Find out more about   Reuze – Used Cartridge Recycling List

British Red Cross

Find out more about   British Red Cross