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Peace & War

War leaves the environment and victims, physically and emotionally damaged. It leaves a terrible toll on society. Nobody wants it to happen, but picking up the pieces afterwards is a time consuming task. The organisations below all promote peace and resolution conflict.

Remember These Children – Israeli / Palestinian Advocacy

Find out more about   Remember These Children – Israeli / Palestinian Advocacy

Beyond Violence – Campaigning Against Conflict

Find out more about   Beyond Violence – Campaigning Against Conflict

CodePink: Women for Peace

Find out more about   CodePink: Women for Peace

Peace Pledge Union

Find out more about   Peace Pledge Union

Women’s Action for New Directions

Find out more about   Women’s Action for New Directions

Save Darfur

Find out more about   Save Darfur

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Find out more about   Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Find out more about   Campaign Against Arms Trade

Peace Day – Origami for World Peace

Find out more about   Peace Day – Origami for World Peace

International Rescue Committee

Find out more about   International Rescue Committee

Another Poster for Peace

Find out more about   Another Poster for Peace