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Volunteer For Us

Interested in helping us to shape the future of microvolunteering? We’re looking for people who can donate a bit of their time virtually, at their own convenience and in bite sized chunks – our very own microvolunteering opportunities (well, some of them are)!

Under 30 Minutes

Microvolunteer Action Database Article
Write up a microvolunteer action (max 150-ish words) for entry into our database. We’ve found the actions, we just need a description about each one.
.Compose short articles

Make a Short Video
We’re after people who can make a short (max 2 minute) video, expressing your views on what it’s like to microvolunteer, and what impact you’re making.
.Make a short video


Micro Missions
We’re on a mission to get the word out about microvolunteering. We need help on a variety of micro-tasks that will take between 1-30 minutes to complete.
.Brainstorming ideas


A Couple of Hours

Researching Aligned Organisations
There’s alot of orgs we’re not aware of. Can you help us find them in these sectors: education, senior citizen, CSR firms, ‘do-good’ clubs (like Rotary).
.Researching aligned organisations

Graphic Design Work
From infographics to logos, we constantly have a need for graphic designers to input their fizz and dazzle creative juices to our projects.
.Graphic design

In Depth Articles
We’re looking for volunteers who can do a bit of research into various microvolunteering related topics, and then compose an article about it.
.In-depth articles

Marketing Microvolunteering
We know there’s alot of creative minds out there, just frothing at the chance to make a difference. Take a look at our projects, and froth away!
.Marketing microvolunteering

Long Term


Microvolunteering in Hospitals
Many studies show a positive connection between well-being and volunteering! But what about microvolunteering. Can you help with research?
.Microvolunteering in hospitals


What Benefits Can I Expect?

The satisfaction of pioneering a new form of volunteering
The knowledge that your efforts could benefit millions of people, by making more people aware of what they can achieve in their spare time

I Want To Help

You do! Glad to hear it. Just click on the roles for all the information you need. Any queries, get in touch using the form on the Contact Us page.

Look forward to hearing from you.




I stumbled across the Help From Home site when searching for volunteer opportunities and it has to be one of the best finds I have made. The service from the staff is second to none – so friendly and incredibly helpful and appreciative of any contribution made, no matter how big or small. The tasks themselves are varying; thus far I have been writing short microvolunteer articles which I have found to be a great way of making a contribution in my spare time. It has also made me feel I am doing something worthwhile and helping with whatever the cause may be in my own little way. In the course of researching the projects to complete, I have been able to contribute to a whole range of causes that I have felt passionate about. HFH is a truly laudable and invaluable site.
Janine Byrne - HFH Volunteer


Public Thankyous


In addition to the Recognition Certificates we hand out on completion of a volunteers work with us, we also like to publicly thank them as well. Thankyou so much for very generously giving up your time – it’s very much appreciated.

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