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One of the ways in which we spread awareness about the microvolunteering concept is to promote aligned articles within various voluntary related platforms. The topics below will all need some sort of research, to a greater or lesser degree. We’re looking for articles of minimum 600 – 800-ish words. We’ll provide some pointers for each article to serve as a foundation for further research / opinion.

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How inclusive is unskilled microvolunteering for employers / employees, compared to skill based traditional employee volunteering?

Time related microvolunteering actions to well known personalities, eg what can be done in the time it takes Usain Bolt to run 100m? (keep it light hearted)

How can the concept of online microvolunteering actions help within digital inclusion projects?

Microvolunteering by prisoners. Refer to this article, and explore avenues to involve UK Category D type of prisoners (or similar in another country), and ex-offenders in micro-actions that could jointly help in their rehabilitation, as well as benefit worthy causes

Is the microvolunteering concept a revolution or evolution in volunteer engagement? Reserved to a volunteer – August, 2016

Celebrities and what micro-actions they might do, relevant to their personality, interest or line of work (a light hearted look at an alternative world where celebs do good inbetween their PR events) Reserved to a volunteer – October, 2016