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Do you fancy writing an article for us about microvolunteering? If so, take a look at our suggestions for an in-depth article on the arena. Alternatively, if you’ve seen any news worthy items or studies on the web about microvolunteering contact us and we’ll consider publishing it below.





Could Microvolunteering Promote Psychological & Physical Recovery in Hospital Patients?
There’s a definite link between volunteering and wellbeing in patients. As microvolunteering actions go to a person, could patients help themselves by microvolunteering in a hospital bed? Published October, 2016.

In The Same Time Frame
There’s some fascinating time related factoids out there. We pondered as to what could be done within the same time frame that these factoids are referring to. Published May, 2016.

Could You Change The World In Your Lunch Break?
Lunch breaks are your ‘me’ time away from the stresses of work. But could you convert it to a bit of ‘we’ time to help others less fortunate than yourself? Published April, 2016.

Microvolunteering: A Digital Strategy For The Future
Our response to the UK Government call-out for ideas to take their digital revolution strategy to the next level. Published March, 2016.

Is It Time To Re-Imagine Volunteering?
Microvolunteering is changing the way, the where, and the when of volunteering. Should the voluntary sector reassess it’s view of how volunteering should be conducted? Published March, 2016.





Is Microvolunteering Changing The Way We Volunteer?
Microvolunteering can be participated on demand, via smartphones, and from your own bedroom – it’s no wonder the concept is challenging our preconceived ideas of how we volunteer. Published July, 2015.

Microvolunteering in Prisons – Can You Change the World From Prison?
Is it possible to introduce the concept of microvolunteering that benefits both prisoners and nonprofits? Published June, 2015.

Bite-sized Benevolence by Businesses – A new Trend Emerging?
Some businesses seem to be shifting towards engaging their employees in unskilled microvolunteering actions as part of their CSR program. We document this trend. Published April, 2015.

Emerging Trends in the Microvolunteering Arena
Presents a precis of the current trends evolving in the microvolunteering sector. Published March, 2015.

Help Humanize Hospital Health
Can microvolunteering be integrated into the hospital environment? Our guest author calls for nonprofits and the health sector to collaborate for compassion. Published January, 2015.





Can Microvolunteering Make A Difference
Microvolunteering may sound small, but its impact can be huge. So what difference can it make? Published March, 2014





Microvolunteering: A Different Perspective?
Nonprofits, businesses and academia all seem to be embracing the microvolunteering concept in slightly unexpected ways. Published November, 2013

Youth and Microvolunteering
There is increasing evidence that youth are embracing the concept of microvolunteering more than any other age bracket. We present our findings with this possible trend. Published October, 2013

Microvolunteering: Relabelling and Diversifying?
Are the goalposts of microvolunteering expanding to cover offline, bite-sized, no commitment tasks? Our research seems to have uncovered a new trend. Published October, 2013.

How To Change The World For The Better In 5 Minutes
Provides feedback and testimonials from actual microvolunteers themselves, dressed up in article on how to change the world for the better in only 5 minutes. Published October, 2013

History of Microvolunteering
We’ve seen a few inaccuracies out there concerning the history of microvolunteering. This article hopefully rights those wrongs! Published August, 2013.

Get off your big, fat (hairy)…fence, and do something!
Article requested by vInspired to encourage activism and in the context of microvolunteering, to show how easy it was to get involved, so that ‘fence sitters’ no longer had a reason to sit on that fence. Published August, 2013

Resistance is Futile!
Lists down the various reasons that we’ve encountered from nonprofits, for rejecting / not embracing the microvolunteering concept. Published May, 2013.

What Do You Do In Your Lunch Break?
Compares the most common office lunch time activities with some of the very similar microvolunteering actions that could be participated in to benefit worthy cause. Published May, 2013.

What Makes A Good Microvolunteering Action
Provides brief pointers for charities / non-profits aiming to create a microvolunteering action that’s attractive to skilled / professional volunteers. Published April, 2013

25 Home Based ‘Do Good’ Actions, That You Never Even Knew Existed
A lighthearted look at some of the more unusual microvolunteering actions out there, that you can participate in from your own home. Published April, 2013.

Introducing Microvolunteering to the Developing World
Presents a few arguments to support the idea that microvolunteering, as an increasingly popular form of volunteering, can and should be used for helping developing countries. Published March, 2013.

Microvolunteering in Developing Regions
Can it be achieved? We think it’s possible, but there’s an uphill climb to achieve it. Key points from the CSCW 2013 Conference in Texas. Published March, 2013

Microvolunteering: A Mindshift?
Notes down who’s using, promoting and discussing microvolunteering and the possible mindshift in it’s uptake. Published February, 2013.





New Year, New Resolutions
A look forward to some of the bite-sized actions you could be doing in 2013 to make the world a better place. Published December, 2012

How Microvolunteering Has Changed the World
From Aesop’s fables to turning the tables on traditional volunteering. Published November, 2012

Inspired By The Paralympics?
Suggests various initiatives in which abled and disabled people can help others achieve their potential. Published September, 2012

Microvolunteering: Location, Location, Location!
Explores the many ways and places where microvolunteering can be participated in. Published August, 2012

Increasing Digital Inclusion via Microvolunteering
Focuses on how senior citizens can become digitally included. Published August, 2012

Summer Holiday Microvolunteering for Kids
How to keep the kids amused this summer with the top 10 ideas for microvolunteering that are sure to keep your kids from getting too bored. Published August, 2012

As rain keeps Britons indoors, charities seek boost in home-based “microvolunteering”
The UK experienced it’s wettest ever Summer in 2012. Article outlines how people can be meaningfully engaged during inclement weather. Published July, 2012

Microvolunteering: Blossoming and Blooming
Provides a snapshot of all the microvolunteering initatives – current and those bubbling under the surface. Published June, 2012.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts Microvolunteering Actions
Outlines the many ways in which arts and crafts can benefit individuals, communities and societies. Published April, 2012.





Are Microvolunteering Initiatives Harvesting Volunteer Information?
Examines the modus operandi of various microvolunteering initiatives and how they tackle the privacy of a volunteer’s personal information. Published December, 2011.

The Rise of Microvolunteering
Explores the interest in the different implementations of microvolunteering, how nonprofits are engaging in the concept and touches on the potential future of microvolunteering. Published December, 2011

Microvolunteering and the Future
A look-see into the crystal ball to speculate on what might be just around the corner for how microvolunteers might be able to help non-profits using today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Published August, 2011

Help From Home’s Response To UK Government’s Giving White Paper
Provides cherrypicked excerpts from the Paper and HFH’s response, demonstrating it is already delivering on the Government’s aims. Published June, 2011.





Microvolunteering: Quickies, Quandaries and Questions
Long-ish article on history, definitions, impact, pros and cons and volunteer retention within the microvolunteering arena. Current as of November, 2010.

Microvolunteering and Crowd Sourcing
Bills itself as an article on the not so new trends in online / virtual volunteering. Published by Jayne Cravens of Coyote Communications. Current as of October, 2010.

Microvolunteering – Changing The World In Just Your Pyjamas
Intro to micro volunteering, outlining it’s pros and cons. Published January, 2010