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25 ‘Do Good’ Actions, That You Never Knew Existed

Whilst microvolunteering is a not so new trend, the method in which it is being delivered is creating innovative actions that were not possible, even 10 years ago.  With the all pervasive internet presence these days, you can now help out worthy causes in ways which you would never have thought possible, and you don’t even have to leave your own home to participate.

So before we plough into a list of actions that you never even knew existed, take the 5 minute challenge and spend it thinking about all the things you reckon you could do to help worthy causes without leaving your front door.  Oh, and remember, this is microvolunteering, so each action has to be completed within 30 minutes. How many did you get?

0 – 2 : Microvolunteer Minnow – Your eyes are going to be wide open when we show you what you can do.

3 – 6 : Microvolunteer Master – Well done! Your knowledge is good, but not that good.  Prepare for your eyes to be opened just a little bit more.

7 and above : Microvolunteer Maestro – You either cheated or you know your stuff.  We’ll assume the later, but you’re still not a Ninja like us.

Take a look at the list below and see what you missed!

- Transcribe Greek papyri fragments via Ancient Lives
- Help to cure cancer via a smartphone game Click To Cure
- Map disabled access issues via WheelMap
- Find solutions to local community issues in developing regions via Nabuur
- Write a cheery letter to a sick child via Postpals
- Bring personalized voices to people with speech impediments via VocaliD
- Donate photos to enable charities to promote their cause via PhotoFoundation
- Search for Genghis Khan’s tomb via Field Expedition Mongolia
- Track wildebeest via Wildebeest Watch
- Monitor earthquakes via the Quake-Catcher Network
- Describe pictures to assist the visually impaired via Describe Me
- Microloan $25 to needy people. Get paid back. Reloan again via Kiva
- Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster via Nessie on the Net
- Craft dolls for needy children via Dolly Donations
- Make origami cranes for cancer patients via Cranes for Cancer
- Discover planets around other stars via Planet Hunters
- Contribute to retropsychokinesis experiments via Fourmilab
- Help to convert public domain literature into eBooks via Distributed Proofreading
- Transcribe videos for deaf / hard of hearing via Amara
- Hunt for worms via the Natural History Museum
- Play with robot toys to end animal homelessness via iPet Companion
- Use pre-designed email signatures that advocate for worthy causes via WiseStamp
- Help to cure cancer, fight malaria by doing nothing via Grid Republic
- Donate a Tweet to advocate for good causes via Just Coz
- Play games to fundraise for charity at no cost to you via FreeRice
- Donate hair for wigs to children with medically related hair loss via Little Princess Trust

You can find these and over 800 more on the website.. Happy hunting!