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How Microvolunteering Has Changed The World

It was Aesop who said that “no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” Microvolunteering is proving to be one of the most modern encapsulations of this statement, with millions of lives around the world being changed for the better each day. It has grown substantially and become such a positive tour de force by positioning itself around Aesop’s ancient and everlasting concept that every good action has the potential to change the world for the better.

It is by embracing this notion, that non-profit organisations have been able to engage those who would once not consider volunteering their time, or felt that the traditional voluntary experience would not allow them to. This extension into the often completely untapped, and even highly skilled, groups of people means that the good work of charities can now go much further.

The impact statistics of microvolunteering offer up a clear and quantifiable sense of proof that it has gone far beyond being just the trendy buzzword of the moment; because it is not only that positive changes are occurring, but perhaps more importantly, that people are demonstrating the will and tenacity to make a difference in any way they can, despite this busy lifestyle of modernity.

Alongside the over 12 million grains of rice donated by FreeRice to-date, and the 220,0000 hand knitted garments distributed to premature babies by Stitches from the Heart (now defunct, December 2015), what microvolunteering has truly highlighted is a shift in cultural attitudes and a growth of those all-important personal feelings of responsibility towards others in need. If those statistics aren’t enough to prove that the world is being changed for the better, then take the findings of a survey carried out in National Volunteering Week which found that 98% of those who volunteer say that ‘volunteering makes them a happier person’ as evidence for the greater sense of personal growth and social cohesion occurring all around the world.

Beginning as a grassroots initiative, microvolunteering has quickly evolved to being in the position where it is changing the world one small chunk at a time. Consequently, although we could learn a lot from Aesop, we owe it to ourselves and to our history to go far beyond his 2500 year old statement, by taking advantage of all the fantastic volunteering opportunities available to us via the so many different mediums of technology. The revolution has begun, but just imagine how far the world could go if we all adopted the attitude of microvolunteering that ‘everything and everyone counts’.

First published November, 2012

Author: Caroline Dennard – Help From Home Volunteer