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In The Same Time Frame

The world is full of amazing factoids that literally blow your mind away. For a bit of fun, we collated a few of the time related ones together and pondered as to what microvolunteering action could be participated in the same time frame as the factoid it’s referring to.

So here below then, are a few fascinating factoids to feast your eyes on:

Chopin’s Minute Waltz actually lasts on average 2 minutes, where the ‘minute’ actually refers to the term small or miniature. In the same time frame you could have listened to some music via Fan Donation which actually generates a small donation of money, at no cost to the participant to help prevent teen suicide

it takes light an average of 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel from the sun to earth. In the same time frame you could have helped to organize sunspot images in order of complexity via SunSpotter to better understand and predict how the Sun’s magnetic activity affects us on Earth

Usain Bolt ran the fastest 100m in 9.58 seconds in 2009. In the same time frame you could have clicked a donate button via Care2 on any one of 11 worthy causes that would have generated a donation to that cause at no cost to you

the Beatles Hey Jude lasts for over 7 minutes, where it was at the time the longest single ever to top the British charts. If you played this song several times over, then in the same time frame you could have participated in a music study via Freie Universität that will help research into the connection between music, emotion and relaxation

alot can happen in a minute on the internet. See the image below from Excelacom – absolutely mind blowing. In the same time frame you could have enabled a worthy cause to Tweet a message about it’s work to your followers via JustCoz that could amplify it’s message to potentially 1000s of people

in one minute a hummingbird can beat it’s wings on average over 1000 times. In the same time frame you could have played a game to spot birds via Nightjar that helps to contribute to research on how camouflage influences survival in natural environments

the fastest temperature change in the world took place in South Dakota, US in 1943 where it rose from -20 °C to +7 °C in 2 minutes. In the same time frame you could have downloaded a free piece of software onto your pc via Grid Republic, that then works in the background to work on big data projects that helps to advance science and medical projects, one of them being about climate change

the shortest adult lifespan of any known animal is the Dolania Americana mayfly, which lives for a brief 5 minutes. In the same time frame you could have helped track down data about the correlation between heart beats and lifespan in vertebrate animals via The Heart Project

First published, May 2016