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Summer Holiday Volunteering for Kids

It’s August and the school holidays have started. The kids are home, and the pressure’s on to keep them amused and out of trouble. So how will you survive?

Help From Home has come to the rescue. It has compiled a multitude of microvolunteering activities to beat off the moans of boredom. The kids can feel they’re doing something useful and can even do them in their pyjamas from the comfort of their bed. Better still, you won’t even need to drag them away from their favourite computers, as these are essential equipment for microvolunteering.

Help From Home has over 800 different microvolunteering activities on offer from hundreds of different charities and voluntary organisations. Each can be completed in less than half an hour – or in as many hours as necessary, if you want to keep your kids busy for longer.

“The benefit of microvolunteering is that the tasks can be fun, and no special commitment or training is needed – perfect for kids of any age”

said Mike Bright, founder and director of Help From Home.

“If they really get into it, they can develop new interests and life skills and, for some activities,  teenagers can even cite useful work experience on their CVs.”

Help From Home has compiled a list of top 10 microvolunteering activities geared to keeping children occupied in the holidays.

  • Support scientific research: play games and contribute to research surveys, such as helping to plot maps of Mars through, or playing your part in finding a cure for deadly diseases through Or contribute to social research into facial and voice traits through
  • Cheer up sick children: Send messages or gifts to sick or underprivileged children via
  • Be an English “tutor”: Simply chat free via Skype or other channel and give one of the world’s non-native English teachers and others the opportunity to practise their English and gain confidence. Log on to
  • Make free donations to charity: Listen to music on the website, and the sponsoring artists will donate money to charity on your behalf.
  • Promote a worthy cause: Tweet about a worthy cause via JustCoz
  • Help create ebooks: If you’re good at English, be a proof-reader and help convert public domain books into ebooks. Register with Distributed Proofreaders at and choose your favourite book.

There are many more ideas on the Help From Home website – including more energetic, off-line activities such as baking cakes for sick children and participating in plant and wildlife surveys, or taking photos for charity. Or it’s not too late to help your kids get involved with local youth-based volunteering projects through vInspired or Do Some Good – you’ll find details of these and other organisations at

Whatever the activity or cause, there’s something to keep everyone busy this summer.

First published in July, 2012

Author: Jan Schapira – Help From Home Press Officer

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