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Benefits of Microvolunteering

Microvolunteering is essentially no different to traditional volunteering when it comes to the worthy causes it benefits.  eg elderly people, visually impaired, animal welfare etc.  It creates impact in the wider world out there and we think you’d be surprised by what it actually achieves from actions that in of itself would seem as though they are not contributing anything worthwhile.  Help From Home has compiled a widely report into this subject ‘Microvolunteering: Evidence of Impact’. See if it don’t raise your eyebrows!

But what of the benefits to you the participant.  Well, here’s some of the more positive aspects of getting involved in microvolunteering actions:

it can be conducted anywhere and at anytime, which means you can control the environment and the place where you microvolunteer.  This means it is essentially safer to participate in.

most micro-actions are non-committal, which means you can dip in and dip out whenever you want to.  This means that it will fit around your lifestyle rather than you having to fit around a pre-arranged organised activity.

it can empower you to make a difference on your own terms rather than being confined within the constraints of a time frame as per a traditional volunteering set up.

it can be conducted for example while watching TV, on the bus or in your pyjamas which means volunteering can go wherever you go.

there are a huge diversity of actions that traditional volunteering tasks simply do not cover, which means that you have a greater choice to achieve more good.

if you’re disabled, housebound or of a similar disposition with a philanthropic mindset, then microvolunteering will enable you to benefit worthy causes from your own home and even from your own armchair.  No longer are you confined to more traditional physical activities like a river clean up, if you want to do some good.

because many microvolunteer actions are internet based, this means that you are no longer confined to benefitting worthy causes just in your local area.  You now have a choice of regional and country specific worthy causes to choose from.

there are usually no requirements for security checks with micro-actions which means there is one less hurdle and one less layer of bureaucracy to overcome.  This should allow you to participate in as many microvolunteer actions as you want, instantly, without having the delay that a security check inevitably entails.

practically all microvolunteering tasks require the minimal of training, if at all.  Just read the rules and go!

In closing then, microvolunteering can:

empower a person with:

  • more self worth
  • more self esteem
  • more self confidence

provide an opportunity to:

  • do something enjoyable
  • stimulate mental activity
  • be valued and appreciated.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go forth and microvolunteer!