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Testimonials / Feedback

Featured below are some testimonials we’ve collated about microvolunteering from the various call-outs and surveys we’ve conducted over the years. People can say the nicest of things sometimes!

They’re bunched up into several sectors for an easier to read experience. Clicking on the category title below will jump you straight to that category, and also saves you a couple of seconds scrolling down – we’re nice like that!!



Individual / User Feedback


We’ve conducted various surveys over the years where respondents have contributed insightful feedback about their microvolunteering experiences. The survey results are available to download in MS Excel format.

Evidence of Impact 2012

Survey posted on Help From Home between 2013 and 2014

Evidence of Impact 2012

Survey posted on Skills For Change microvolunteering platform, 2015

In addition, here’s a few more testimonials external to the surveys conducted above.

For me it was perfect because there wasn’t that much responsibility… At this stage in my life I want to be involved in volunteering but I don‟t want to take on too much… I want to give as much as I can but the practicalities of life mean working for this way really works for me and I can carry on doing it whereas if I tried to do more, I think I‟d probably end up giving up.
Extracted from an Institute of Volunteering Research Survey, 2013

I’ve never had to think of why I enjoyed the aspect of micro volunteering before but it’s non-commital and a one-in-done that is appealing to me.
Stephanie W.
Skills For Change user

There are a lot of things that seem too big to change, too intractable – I feel that you can’t give as much as you’d want to; to actually make a difference you’d have to commit yourself, you can‟t do it half way and then you’d have to pull out; I can‟t commit to that but I might be able to micro-volunteer and feed in, I’m part of that bigger picture. So instead of turning a blind eye, I can engage and feel that I’m making a difference through my limited time.
Extracted from an Institute of Volunteering Research Survey, 2013


Disabled / Ill Health Feedback


In May (2015) I was diagnosed with a stage four brain tumor and had to quit my job. The doctors say I have 2 to 3 years to live. I’m now at home all day and needed something to do. I often don’t feel well enough to go anywhere and needed an opportunity that I can do from home when I felt well enough. I looked on the Internet for volunteer opportunities and came across a micro-volunteering website. I looked over the various volunteering opportunities and felt that LibriVox would offer me the most fulfilling opportunity that interested me.
Librivox Forums

Due to physical in abilities, I am unable to volunteer outside of the home. Micro-volunteering has given me an outlet to feel like I am giving back, helping others and using my skills to make a difference. So I have become very fond of micro-volunteering and the exciting experience it brings me to interact with others, providing information to help organizations in need.
Laura T.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2015

Even though I am housebound, I’m still able to feel that I am making a difference. This site (Help From Home) is great for people with M.E. looking for somewhere simple and easy to start.
Anonymous member
Action for M.E.

I think the actions you (Help From Home) have featured provide a good broad range of opportunities which people with physical or mild learning disabilities would be able to take on.
Diverse Abilities

I spend much of my life in bed due to illness. I used to be very active as a volunteer and it is lovely to volunteer at very little cost in terms of time, energy or expense. And of course, in my pajamas!!
Penelope Jane McMillan
Australian Microvolunteering Facebook group

The reason why I microvolunteered was because I was…Recovering from ill health, stuck at home. Surfing.
Jenni Smith
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

If your illness is severe and you are off work for a time, there are ways to help yourself feel good and do something worthwhile. I found several sites which promote something called micro- volunteering, which is all about small, quick things you can do which will help other people. Most will take only minutes to do and allow you to participate only when you are well enough. As an example, I have answered short surveys for companies working on finding ways to improve all sorts of illnesses and conditions, played a computer game to help researchers improve methods of learning, as well as making knitted cats for the Cat Protection League to sell. Type micro volunteering into Google and happy hunting.
Guest Post

I started microvolunteering when I was homebound with an injury and two small kids. It was a good way to feel like I was contributing in at least some small way!
Sarah Kisko
Help From Home Microvolunteering Facebook group

…micro-volunteering can be one small way of showing they (disadvantaged people) can make a difference,without feeling under pressure to perform.
Sue John
Employment Adviser, Shaw Trust

The reason why I microvolunteered was because my…Mobility constraints mean that it is difficult for me to go out and take part in volunteering, which I used to do and really enjoyed.
Name withheld on request
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

I have learned that I do not have to make a huge effort to make a difference, I have severe social anxiety but this site allows me to help without freaking myself out.
Lauralee F.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2015

I have done my microvolunteer work at home on my own computer. I cannot work any more so I would rather type at home. I really cannot get out any more because of my sickness. So want to volunteer by helping on doing any type of clerical work at home.
Cheryl Decker
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014


Workplace Environment Feedback


Some Sparked (microvolunteering) projects have been easy, some have taken hours. The projects that I enjoy use skills that I developed during my work career and my volunteer career before the discovery of Sparked
Name withheld on request
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

I take advantage of the fact that micro-volunteering through Deloitte is primarily online. This has allowed me to access more willingly whenever I feel I can spare a solid 30 minutes of my time to something that makes a difference.
Michael L.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2015

I felt I could spread my skills beyond my workplace and my personal work.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2012

My Employer (Barclays Bank) participates in Skillsbank, a microvolunteering service. Through Barclays I became aware of this and was able to participate.
Name withheld on request
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

I have already talked about my experience as microvolunteering with my work team, which I do know one of my colleagues signed up for, yes.
Sarah Ferguson-Brown
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

I read about it (microvolunteering) in the newspaper, and thought it would be a great way to keep my marketing skills sharp while I job-hunt.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

Yes, I recommend microvolunteering to my co-workers and family. The ease of use, the fact that in 15 minutes you can do some good are all bonus.
Name withheld on request
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

(Microvolunteering) however looks great on my CV and is often praised in interviews!
Rosie H.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2015


Education Environment Feedback


I first learned of in ninth grade, some eight years ago or so, as an activity to do before class started. If we had free time after completing a computer assignment, this was one of the only things we were allowed to do before putting the laptops away. That gave way to college boredom a few years later and finding more instances of being useful in my spare time, leading to citizen science initiatives.
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

Lots of girls in my class had been joining up to do an award called “v inspired” where you have to complete a certain number of hours of volunteering. Because of this I signed up too. Then I had to decide which kind of volunteering I wanted to do and microvolunteering seemed the easiest option as the work is usually flexible and can be done from home. Not only this but because I didn’t have to spend my time commuting to charity shops, I could spend more time actually doing the volunteering so I would be helping more.
Siân Evans
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

I am an online student working towards my Master’s Degree in Media Design of Fine Art, I saw this on our classroom board and after viewing the video and reading about you I became interested.
Name withheld on request
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

It has helped to break down barriers to volunteering in general and given students the perspective that they can do something meaningful at a bus stop or whatever, even though their course and work obligations may get in the way of regular volunteering.
Ruth Ewiwile
Extracted from a HFH Survey, 2013 – 2014

As part of Student Volunteering Week, CUSU V&E arranged for our students and staff to take part in Micro Volunteering, a 10-20 minute online activity that contributes to worthy causes on your behalf. The day was very enjoyable and created a real sense of accomplishment for all involved.
Cambridge University Students Union – February, 2014


Organisation Feedback


VAHC had been contacted by a local charity last minute who were desperate for help to read through their annual report. Angie, who was traveling to Paris at the time, jumped at the chance and was able to help the charity whilst in transit saying “It will give me something to do on the plane!” Her great attitude, and work, won her #PopUpHarrow Volunteer for the month of August 2015 and is an amazing example of how accessible micro-volunteering can be.
Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative

This is, in fact, the second Meetup we’ve held, with the first one being for an internal team meeting this time last year. We really like the Microvolunteering Meetup resources because they are so eye-catching, and always encourage people to get involved….We didn’t have an especially high turn out on Friday but those people who did join in said how much they enjoyed it and felt it was “great to do something worthwhile.
Volunteer Centre West Lindsey

All throughout the week commencing 10th March we encouraged service users to complete micro volunteering actions and we estimate about 100 people have done so (including about 30/35 people doing it on Friday 14th). This offered us a great opportunity to introduce the concept of volunteering to those people and we could see they were encouraged to carry on with some more regular commitment if possible in the future.
Volunteer Centre Southwark – March, 2014
Extracted from Microvolunteering Events 2014 document

On Saturday 15th March, myself and a colleague set up on a table in the canteen (in their local Sainsburys store), taking with us a laptop and some tablets so that we could access the Help from Home site easily…..It was really good fun though and a great way to showcase volunteering in an easy, non committal way. It also reached people who might not necessarily be interested in volunteering ordinarily. We are hoping to deliver more parties across the year to other businesses, dependent on demand, but so far the interest has been quite good.
Volunteer Centre North Kesteven – March, 2014
Extracted from Microvolunteering Events 2014 document

We encouraged staff, volunteers and the public visiting The Source café in Sleaford to perform microvolunteering actions, trying to get 30 actions in 30 minutes. Only a few participated but we did manage to get 30 actions completed, including playing the ‘free rice game’ and nominating charities for Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year. All who participated had not heard of microvolunteering so the event was worth holding to help raise awareness.
Volunteer Centre North Kesteven – June, 2014
Extracted from Microvolunteering Events 2014 document

As co-organisers of the event we were also keen to have a stand to promote our services and volunteering, including micro volunteering. We set up a laptop to show the ‘free rice game’ and encouraged anyone stopping by our stand to have a go. Lots of people did (including fellow stand holders!) and a total of 5220 grains of rice were donated to the World Food Programme. The day really raised awareness of microvolunteering, not only amongst attendees of the event but also other organisations.
Volunteer Centre Lincoln – June, 2014
Extracted from Microvolunteering Events 2014 document

Of the volunteers that have already completed microvolunteering assignments through ELBA and corporate members, 100% said they enjoyed the experience and 94% said they would complete a micro action again.
East London Business Alliance – April, 2015

On Make a Difference Day 2014, we decided to try something a little different, and offer people a chance to drop in and do some micro volunteering actions, giving them a chance to do something positive without a long term commitment. We received some positive feedback after the event, with participants saying they were really pleased with what they had made; that they really enjoyed the event and were glad they dropped in; and asking if we would be running the event again. We are considering running the event on a regular basis as it was so well received and because it opens volunteering up to a range of people who do not want to commit on a long term basis, but who want to do something positive.
Voluntary Action Leicestershire – October, 2014
Extracted from Microvolunteering Events 2014 document

Our (microvolunteering advent calendar) campaign was really successful and we had a great response to the advent calendar. Some stats; There were 24 posts on Facebook which were viewed a total of 7098 times. This works out as an average of 296 people having been ‘reached’ every day during the campaign – which is significantly higher than the usual sort of ‘reach’ we would achieve with a Facebook post.
Nottingham CVS – December, 2014
Extracted from Microvolunteering Events 2014 document

UHG Gives ‏@UHGGives
In total, nearly 2,400 of our employees have helped hundreds of nonprofits in 30 countries through microvolunteering with @Sparked! #NVW15

Via Twitter – April, 2015

Yep, we had 12 I-Pads and everyone tried out microvolunteering. The Lord Provost of Aberdeen City Councillor George Adam who is a big supporter of volunteering even said that before he gave his speech/welcomed people he did the micro volunteering one where you answer questions and rice is donated through the World Food Programme (he donated 50 grains of rice in a couple of minutes). He was so inspired by this he continued to do more and says that he will make a note to do micro volunteering each day and encourage everyone to get involved. Everyone fed back how exciting and engaging micro volunteering is. It highlighted really well how people can make an impact/positive difference. Really great.
Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations – April, 2015
Extracted from Microvolunteering Day 2015 document

The MND Association really enjoyed taking part in Microvolunteering Day. It raised loads of awareness and gave our supporters the opportunity to make a difference. It was good fun and we are now thinking of developing more Microvolunteering opportunities.
Motor Neurone Disease Association – April, 2015
Extracted from Microvolunteering Day 2015 document

We all pulled together and made one volunteer between us – we were able to split things up and made it less stressful
Extracted from an Institute of Volunteering Research Survey, 2013

For us it works and hopefully it’s a sustainable way of working because the more people we get doing smaller bits hopefully the further the word spreads – it has a snowball effect
Extracted from an Institute of Volunteering Research Survey, 2013

Anna Bryant ‏@AnnaBryantSW
@SWFed #swfed2015 @MuseumMakers micro volunteering can be tweeting, commenting and sharing, 166k engagements over 2 yrs.

Via Twitter – July, 2015


Help From Home Testimonials


You are pioneering a revolutionary new approach to volunteering that is making it easier for people to get involved in projects when it suits them. As a result the 10,000 ‘microvolunteers’ you have inspired have given up small amounts of time to make a big difference in their communities. Your Help From Home website looks set to go from strength to strength and I wish you the best of luck for #Challenge2015.”
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister
Points of Light Award

We really like the concept of this site – getting people in to volunteering can be difficult and the ‘help from home’ angle is a nice hook.
Initiative of Channel Four Televsion Corporation

…honoured for spotting a gap in the market when it came to finding information on volunteering opportunities online
BBC South East Wales

It is my feeling that your site is the only one that has begun to push the boundaries of micro-volunteering….
Susan J Ellis, President, Energize Inc
Energize Inc

This is awesome. It makes it easy for everyone to help. Great idea. I am going to stumble it so more people will know about this
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action

The panel felt it (Help From Home) had the potential to grow and create change
Judges in a UK nationwide ‘How To Make A Difference’ competition in which Help From Home came Runner Up
Community Channel

Your web-site is definitely worthy. I’m really very impressed. I’m also impressed with the noble intention to make people aware of actions that may benefit others. It is a wonderful effort.
Clyde Grossman
Do No Harm

Your website and the work you’re doing to inspire people to volunteer is great.
Courtney Brickman
Non Profit Awareness

I just wanted to let you know that I love the concept of your site!
Sylvia Ng
Charity Champs

What a fantastic website! I would absolutely love to feature it!
Meg Appleby
Digital Philanthropy

We think your site and actions are fab. Keep it up :)
Volunteer Centre West Lindsey

We all love the site
Sarah Stacey, Health Editor, Daily Mail You magazine
Extracted from Daily Mail Health

I also wanted to say that I discovered Help From Home a little while ago and I’m so happy I did! The projects/actions you link are varied and interesting, and I really do feel like I’ve been able to make some worthwhile contributions – something I intend to build on as much as possible.
Sarah C
Extracted from Skills For Change

…what a huge difference a lot of people doing small things can accomplish–and it looks like Help From Home is set to help make it happen
Cheryl Mahoney
Philanthropost from Universal Giving

It is such a wonderful idea!
Traci McLaughlin
The Serendipity Factory

I love the concept.
Cyndi Rhoades, Creative Director, Anti-Apathy

What a fantastic project you have.
Annys Darkwa, Managing Director
Vision Housing

I think this is so exciting. I’ve just been looking at the Help From Home website – so many good ideas.
Andrew Williams, Cardiff, UK

Some of the worlds best ideas are the ones which break away from the norm and offer the unexpected. I was genuinely surprised to see how much good can be done for people via your site.
Tony Smith, Havant, UK

I love the concept of Help from Home and 30 mins volunteering
Glenn Pougnet, Director, StreetSmart

Thank you! I really hope that this article will inspire nonprofits to start using microvolunteering platforms, such as yours. It’s such a great tool!
Colleen Dunbar, Project Specialist, Marketing/Communications
ASU Lodestar Center

They’re great aren’t they? @helpfromhome are the UK leaders for #microvolunteering. What they don’t know aint worth knowing! via Twitter

Thanks to @helpfromhome who have been able to recruit support for the #DekiCause! Proudly 100% in the pyjama-zone
Deki via Twitter

Help From Home is one of the most innovative concepts that I have come across over the last year. It responds directly to people’s wish to do something positive for society whilst fitting into their busy lifestyles. A great idea driven by a fantastic individual!
Gareth Bickerton, Director, Wales UnLtd (social entrepreneur funder)
Wales UnLtd

It is so awesome! It has so many wonderful ways to help right from the comfort of your own home! I love your site, it is very cool and very easy to use!
Alli D. Seigel
365 Days of Goodness

Hello, today I made a wonderful discovery while reading my Womans Weekly magazine….I shall be using your website many times from now on…. Today I sent an e mail to a sick child, and shall keep on doing this, as it suits me very well…. I would like to thank you for your helpfromhome site, you have certainly made my day. Many thanks
Bernadette Ekberg

Your site is such a rich mine of information I sometimes think I fell down the mineshaft!
Amina Marix Evans
Borderline Books