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Organisations using HFH

Office environmentThe following organisations have used the actions on Help From Home as a way to either encourage their employees or the people they serve, to use their time in a more meaningful way. We are indebted to their kindness and generosity.

Shaw Trust – used Help From Home as part of their activity programme to increase confidence in some of their clients

Newport City Council – placed posters around Newport and an article in their employee newsletter

vinspired – created a whole new category that mostly revolves around the microvolunteering actions on HFH

Energize – featured HFH as the source of microvolunteering actions in it’s online volunteer management development seminar

Social Actions – included as one of their top 60 global ‘Action Sources’

Surrey County Council – promoted microvolunteering and HFH to it’s constituents via it’s website

Spots of Time – using HFH actions to compliment their bite-sized offline actions

North Somerset Council – promoted microvolunteering and HFH to it’s constituents via it’s website

DWP – Carers Allowance Division – included HFH on it’s intranet site to enable its’ employees to do good from their own desks

St Helens Council – using HFH actions to encourage youth to ‘do good’ within their city

NCVO – England’s leading voluntary sector advocate recognised HFH for its efforts in promoting microvolunteering in it’s publication, ‘Participation: trends, facts and figures’.

Number 10 – UK Government official website, included HFH as the only organisation, as part of their effort to promote microvolunteering

Volunteering England – created a whole new category for microvolunteering featuring HFH and Orange

Wales Council for Voluntary Action – created a whole new category for microvolunteering, in which information from HFH was prominently featured

Better Bankside – used to promote HFH to the 300 firms within the Business Improvement District it oversees

Whitbread – promoted HFH as part of it’s CSR programme, called ‘Good Together’

Voluntary Arts – created a  Microvolunteering Arts + Crafts  Guide, very extensively using HFH’s info on microvolunteering

Create the Good – promotes HFH as part of it’s campaign to create awareness around 5 minute volunteering actions