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TestimonialsSome of the nice things people have been saying about us and the microvolunteering concept in general! The Testimonials about microvolunteering were obtained from an ongoing survey we are conducting into what people think about the microvolunteering concept. Let us know your thoughts, and it could be included below.

Testimonials About Help From Home

“You are pioneering a revolutionary new approach to volunteering that is making it easier for people to get involved in projects when it suits them. As a result the 10,000 ‘microvolunteers’ you have inspired have given up small amounts of time to make a big difference in their communities. Your Help From Home website looks set to go from strength to strength and I wish you the best of luck for #Challenge2015.”
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister
Points of Light Award

“We really like the concept of this site – getting people in to volunteering can be difficult and the ‘help from home’ angle is a nice hook.”
Initiative of Channel Four Televsion Corporation

” …honoured for spotting a gap in the market when it came to finding information on volunteering opportunities online”
BBC South East Wales

“It is my feeling that your site is the only one that has begun to push the boundaries of micro-volunteering….”
Susan J Ellis, President, Energize Inc
Energize Inc

“This is awesome. It makes it easy for everyone to help. Great idea. I am going to stumble it so more people will know about this”
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action

“The panel felt it (Help From Home) had the potential to grow and create change”
Judges in a UK nationwide ‘How To Make A Difference’ competition in which Help From Home came Runner Up
Community Channel

“Your web-site is definitely worthy. I’m really very impressed. I’m also impressed with the noble intention to make people aware of actions that may benefit others. It is a wonderful effort.”
Clyde Grossman
Do No Harm

“It is so awesome! It has so many wonderful ways to help right from the comfort of your own home! I love your site, it is very cool and very easy to use!”
Alli D. Seigel
365 Days of Goodness

“Your website and the work you’re doing to inspire people to volunteer is great.”
Courtney Brickman
Non Profit Awareness

“I just wanted to let you know that I love the concept of your site!”
Sylvia Ng
Charity Champs

“Your site is such a rich mine of information I sometimes think I fell down the mineshaft!”
Amina Marix Evans
Borderline Books

“What a fantastic website! I would absolutely love to feature it!”
Meg Appleby
Digital Philanthropy

“…what a huge difference a lot of people doing small things can accomplish–and it looks like Help From Home is set to help make it happen”
Cheryl Mahoney
Philanthropost from Universal Giving

“It is such a wonderful idea!”
Traci McLaughlin
The Serendipity Factory

“I love the concept.”
Cyndi Rhoades, Creative Director, Anti-Apathy

“What a fantastic project you have.”
Annys Darkwa, Managing Director
Vision Housing

“I think this is so exciting. I’ve just been looking at the Help From Home website – so many good ideas.”
Andrew Williams, Cardiff, UK

“Some of the worlds best ideas are the ones which break away from the norm and offer the unexpected. I was genuinely surprised to see how much good can be done for people via your site.”
Tony Smith, Havant, UK

“I love the concept of Help from Home and 30 mins volunteering”
Glenn Pougnet, Director, StreetSmart

“We all love the site”
Sarah Stacey, Health Editor, Daily Mail You magazine
Daily Mail Health

“Thank you! I really hope that this article will inspire nonprofits to start using microvolunteering platforms, such as yours. It’s such a great tool!”
Colleen Dunbar, Project Specialist, Marketing/Communications
ASU Lodestar Center

“We think your site and actions are fab. Keep it up :)”
Volunteer Centre West Lindsey

“Even though I am housebound, I’m still able to feel that I am making a difference. This site is great for people with M.E. looking for somewhere simple and easy to start.”
Anonymous Member
Action for M.E.

“They’re great aren’t they? @helpfromhome are the UK leaders for #microvolunteering. What they don’t know aint worth knowing!”
ivo.org via Twitter

“Thanks to @helpfromhome who have been able to recruit support for the #DekiCause! Proudly 100% in the pyjama-zone”
Deki via Twitter

“Help From Home is one of the most innovative concepts that I have come across over the last year. It responds directly to people’s wish to do something positive for society whilst fitting into their busy lifestyles. A great idea driven by a fantastic individual!”
Gareth Bickerton, Director, Wales UnLtd (social entrepreneur funder)
Wales UnLtd

Testimonials About Microvolunteering

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Yes definitely – I think most people want to help a good cause and even more so if it is easy to help”

Jeni Smith

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Definitely! I am still helping people when I only have five or ten minutes to spare. I would love to give more, and do, in other ways, more locally, but now even when I can’t spend a whole afternoon raking leaves or packaging food for the food bank, I can still be doing something of merit. Everyone wants to feel useful, and everyone has dead time they can fill will something useful instead of looking at pictures of cats or something, you know?”

Did you feel you made some impact?
” Yes because I felt that I was working as part of a team even though it was online, especially with the preservation of books by converting them into e-books. Again the fact that the tree planting would take place due to my online actions made me feel like an impact was being made because something was physically taking place.”

Do you think microvolunteering can make a difference?
“I believe it can. I know that we can’t give homes to the homeless or make wells in Africa just sitting at home but we can make people aware of this and get them to donate so that we have the money to do it. We can help people living right next to us by making their life more enjoyable, if that be through enabling the deaf to understand videos and making audio books more available. There are also many more ways to help such as by helping to learn whale call so that they don’t get beached.”
Siân Evans

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Yes. It’s a nice feeling knowing that a person is making SOME kind of impact in their free time instead of just wasting the time away.”

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Yes, and I have. I know people like to help, but don’t have the time to go to a soup kitchen or help at senior centers as their busy life doesn’t allow it. But, I can pick up my laptop computer at ANYTIME of day 24/7 and still VOLUNTEER-when others are SLEEPING, without having to have those people with me.”
Laura Templeman

Do you think microvolunteering can make a difference?
“Yes, it is the best communication these days “

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Yes, because everybody needs to give back & with microvolunteering from home/computer it makes it much more accessible for the average person.”
December L. Mackedanz

Did you feel you made some impact?
“In some of the challenges, yes I felt as though I made an impact. Particularly with social media challenges where I helped nonprofit organizations increase their Facebook following.”

What was your experience of microvolunteering?
“I found it easy as I only chose tasks that I knew I would be able to complete easily.”

What was your experience of microvolunteering?
“Very easy to do, quick, and makes me feel happy”

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Absolutely as its quick and easy and you can do it at home”
Deb Zwolsman

Did you feel you made some impact?
“Absolutely. I have a surprising depth of knowledge in certain, limited areas. Micro-volunteering allows me to target my experience”
Tyler Brekko

Do you think microvolunteering can make a difference?
“Yes – it cuts back on a lot of time traveling to the organization and allows for other project from SME’s to take place”

Do you think microvolunteering can make a difference?
“Absolutely! I’ve seen it”
Jack Z

What was your experience of microvolunteering?
“My experience of microvolunteering has been extremely satisfiying, easy to apply the skills I have and support & help others which require it”
Sara Ferguson-Brown

Do you think microvolunteering can make a difference?
“I think it is a awesome tool that helps Non profits and community organizations alike”
Rai Tremble

What was your experience of microvolunteering?
“Enjoyable and fulfilling”
Douglas Dodd

Did you feel you made some impact?
“I felt that I did something helpful and provided I worthy cause with some useful information”
Koren Benjamin

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Yes, because it works and it is a creative and good way to help other people out and that is what’s important!”
Ashlyn W.

Do you think microvolunteering can make a difference?
“Yes. Especially if more people get involved, and people start to incorporate volunteering and acts of kindness into their daily lives. I think microvolunteering makes volunteering seem more accessible, and encourages me to think about all the small things I can do. Like helping family, strangers and spreading happiness.”
Sarah Ede

Would you recommend microvolunteering to others?
“Yes, because you can do it for however long you like, a few minutes to a few hours. You don’t have a set time of when you have to do it and it is still a form of volunteering and something to do whilst you are at home. I think its really good for people who are unable to get out of the house due to illnesses, it gives them something to do and something that they can achieve whilst they are at home.”
Rebecca Crole-Rees