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Field Photo – Snapping Landscapes for Science

Field Photo is a citizen science application from the Earth Observation and Modelling Facility (EOMF) at the University of Oklahoma, US.  It enables students, scientists, researchers and citizens to take photographs of environment (in 4 different directions – North, East, West and South), geotag them, add land cover metadata, and field notes.
All you have to do is take your camera or smartphone, find a landscape in your community (streams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, a forest, a crop field, a pasture, etc) and take a single photo or a panorama in four different directions (North, East, West and South) from where you are standing.  After that you can either email your photos or upload them directly to their website.
The Field Photo application helps the EOMF in its mission to promote community remote sensing and citizen science to address the grand challenges in our dynamic and rapidly changing planet Earth.
Also available via an iPhone or Android smartphone app.


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