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‘How To’ Resources

There’s quite a few resources out there that can help you evaluate whether microvolunteering is right for your organisation. This is probably the most comprehensive collection of resources you’ll find on the net.

In Depth Guides

How To Develop A Microvolunteering Action
Compiled by Help From Home and includes sections on an introduction to microvolunteering, creating a micro-action, and case studies of how other initiatives developed their own microvolunteering projects

Giving A Little Time
This is a practical guide from NCVO to exploring and developing the potential of microvolunteering for your organisation where it probes the challenges and impact of embracing the concept within your organisation

Microvolunteering: More Opportunities for Member Engagement
Designed by ISAE as an introductory guide for professional associations, eg lawyers, dentists etc to tap in to the potential of engaging their membership to ‘serve in ways that are different to the generation before them’.

Creating A Meaningful Microvolunteering Project
Compiled by our very own Microvolunteering Consultancy expert, Luciana Grosu, it’s designed around the dos and don’ts of creating a microvolunteering action, as well as how to set up a local microvolunteering project

Making the Most of Professional and Corporate Support
A practical guide for charities to tap into support provided by corporates and professionals alike. Contains a 4 page section (Section 3) on how the concept of microvolunteering can fit into this picture

Bullet Point Guides

How To Engage People Into Microvolunteering
How can the microvolunteering concept engage people to do good? Browse the helpful pointers to find out!

How To Set Up A Microvolunteering Project
Would you know how to set up a microvolunteering action? Read the pointers to discover how!

How To Create A Microvolunteering Role For Skilled Professionals
To attract skilled professionals, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Be inspired by the pointers on offer!

Red Tape Stuff!

Insuring For A Microvolunteering Action
Microvolunteers do it on the go, on demand, and on their own terms. How does a nonprofit offering such a role insure for such an activity

Best Practice Policies
Here’s some guidance on virtual volunteering best practice policies, reprinted with kind permission from the authors of The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook

Volunteer Management in a Microvolunteering Environment
Covers topics like screening of microvolunteers, health & safety issues, and the pros and cons when managing a microvolunteering opportunity

Helpful Articles

Challenging The Excuses Not To Volunteer
There’s so many excuses out there that people use not to volunteer. Microvolunteering can strip away those excuses!

Ten Myths About Microvolunteering
Article dispels or reinforces some of the myths around the concept, and puts the record straight!

Microvolunteering: Benefits To Individuals
Article discusses ways in which individuals can benefit from the many facets of the microvolunteering arena!

Microvolunteering: Benefits To Charities and Nonprofits
Article discusses ways in which charities and nonprofits can benefit from the many facets of the microvolunteering arena!