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Microvolunteering Events

Nonprofits are organising microvolunteering events, usually in isolation of each other. This is a collection of those events so that nonprofits can see what others are doing, and hopefully be inspired to organise their own events and activities.

Nonprofit Events

From student unions to volunteer centres, we’ve collated the details and feedback of microvolunteering events in a yearly round-up document.



Microvolunteering Day Impact and Reach

Microvolunteering Day is held every year on April 15th, where individuals and nonprofits alike come together to participate and promote the concept. Our reports provide quite a detailed breakdown of the who, what, and where of the activities on the Day.




Yearly Review of Microvolunteering News

We summarize the shakers and the makers in the microvolunteering arena in a yearly round-up article. You might be surprised with what goes on within the world of microvolunteering!

Microvolunteering News 2010
Microvolunteering News 2011
Microvolunteering News 2012

Microvolunteering News 2013
Microvolunteering News 2010
Microvolunteering News 2015


Microvolunteering Event Photos

So what does a microvolunteering event / activity look like? We’ve compiled an at-a-glance album of photos taken from some of the events and activities held around the world. Alongside this, we’ve also provided an album of images that have been created by nonprofits to promote these events in tandem with a vast collection of posters / social media graphics that can be used to accompany an organisations’ promotion efforts. Inspired? You should be!

Microvolunteering Event Images

Microvolunteering Event Promotion Images

Miscellaneous Microvolunteering Images