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If you want to increase awareness of the microvolunteering concept with your supporters or other organisations you serve, then the following resources may be useful for workshops / seminars / presentations / conferences.

Workshop / Seminar / Conferences

Microvolunteering Workshop Guide
Provides a multitude of topics that delves into the who, what, why, and how of the microvolunteering concept. Designed on a pick ‘n mix basis to suit a workshop organisers remit.

Details of Microvolunteering Workshops / Seminars / Conferences
Constantly updated list of links to workshops / seminars / conferences as organised by nonprofits, all within an overall Microvolunteering News section.


Deliberations on Microvolunteering
Prezi presentation for the UnitingCare OpShop 2013 Conference that provides pointers on the pros, definitions and questions on the microvolunteering concept

Microvolunteering Discussion
Prezi presentation that lays the foundation of what microvolunteering is, and then poses questions to stimulate discussions on the concept

Microvolunteering Workshop
Prezi presentation on an introduction to the Micro-volunteering concept attended by staff from SAVY and organised by GMYN. Designed to challenge traditional mindsets and provide take away ideas to explore the concept further.

Microvolunteering Masterclass
Slideshow of a masterclass in microvolunteering presented by NCVO at the Big Event in the UK, in July 2015. Discusses the steps that need to be developed to implement microvolunteering successfully in an organisation?

Microvolunteering: Pave The Way For Continued Involvement
Slideshow of a presentation made by the American Society of Association Executives to improve member retention through microvolunteering activities

Action Planning – Microvolunteering
Youtube video made by the National Association of Insurance and Finance Advisors to encourage association members to make use of the microvolunteering concept with a view to improving the Association as a whole

Survey Templates

Survey Questions
Provides examples of questions, collated from previous surveys about microvolunteering, that can be taken away by organisations to gauge impact / responses to their microvolunteering focussed projects.