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I Paid a Bribe – Reporting Instances of Bribery

I Paid a Bribe is a site that focuses on crowdsourced reports of corruption and bribery from India and all over the world.  It emphasis is on the kind of corruption that confronts ordinary citizens in their daily lives when they are not able to avail themselves of services they are legitimately entitled to from the government eg getting a driver’s licence, a birth certificate or registering a purchase of property.
The site focuses on 3 ways in which to report bribery, these being:
•    ‘I paid a bribe’, where a bribe had to be paid out to obtain something.
•    ‘I am a bribe fighter’, where a bribe was refused to be paid.
•    ‘I met an honest official’, where one of the good guys was encountered.
Each instance of a report will be forwarded to the appropriate media and government officials.


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