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Mark2Cure – Finding Clues in Biomedical Literature

Biomedical research literature is massive with over 20 million research articles and growing at a rate of 1 article every 30 seconds!  As a result, researchers can’t keep up with literature in related scientific fields let alone their own domains of expertise.  This means that a lot of clues are not reaching the researchers that need them. For example, there are 3 million (and growing) articles on cancer.
Mark2Cure works by teaching citizen scientists to precisely identify concepts and concept relationships in biomedical text. This is a task that anyone can learn to do and can perform better than any known computer program. Once these tasks are completed, advanced statistical algorithms take the data provided by the volunteers and use it to provide scientists with new tools for finding the information that they require within the sea of biomedical knowledge.
Using an online, browser-based interface, you will read, identify, and mark (by clicking) concepts in biomedical text. You DO NOT need to understand what you are reading to be able help. Their easy to understand training modules will teach you what to mark. Once registered, your sessions can be as long or as short as you’d like.
If you can read, you can help.


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