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Microvolunteering Workshops in Nantes, France

Nantes Creative Generations Award
Microvolunteering Week in Nantes
14-18 April 2014

grainedejardinHelp From Home was in Nantes between 14-18 April 2014 and organized three workshops aimed at encouraging the use of Microvolunteering in order to revitalize the Urban Public Space and encourage Citizens’ Participation and Involvement.

The workshops were part of the activities of the “Graine de Jardin” project, winner of the Nantes Creative Generations Award 2013-2014, a partnership with Nantes-based organization Collectif Fil and Italian nonprofit artistic association Olla at Work.
The workshops’ participants were citizens, volunteers and member of different associations, students and journalists, the great majority being young and already active.

Our host was Collectif Fil and their enthusiastic multidisciplinary team. Collectif Fil is an active youth-led association based in Nantes. They work on urbanism and architecture initiatives, as well as green and participative projects.

Collectif Fil’s flagship project is “La Nizanerie”, a public & shared outdoor wood building inviting the resident of Île de Nantes district to spend their time together, inside or outside the kiosk, socializing, creating, recycling, playing games, in one word re-imagining the urban space…

La Nizanerie

As you might have guessed, La Nizanerie is already a microvolunteering project (but a big one, if I may say so) and a free place where people can meet, work and create together.

Being involved in this project meant using our consultancy experience  to bring even more microvolunteering ideas, suggestions and solutions to the space of “La Nizanerie” in particular and to Nantes’urban residents, in general.

So…here we go presenting the outcome of the three workshops in Nantes and the ideas we generated together with the participants


Microvolunteering Workshops


Workshop 1

Workshop 3

Workshop 2