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MyShake – Earthquake Detection App

MyShake is a project of Berkley Seismological Lab in University of California.
It’s a free smartphone app for Android that provides users with information about recent and past earthquakes around the world. It also  detects in real time the distinct vibration profile of an earthquake, the data of which is sent anonymously to the central system that confirms the location, magnitude and origin. Their goal is to build a worldwide seismic network and use the data to reduce the effects of earthquakes on us as individuals, and our society as a whole.
Participation is crucial to ensure that they provide alerts as soon as possible and users all over the world contribute for training purposes as well as confirming that the algorithms are working correctly.
Just by installing the app you help to prevent killing and injuring hundreds of thousands  of people and become a part of a worldwide seismic network! Suitable for use for anyone, anywhere in the world.


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