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Nabuur – Global Help for Local Communities

Nabuur is an online volunteering platform that links Neighbours (online volunteers) with Villages (local communities) in Africa, Asia and Latin American countries like Cameroon, D.R. Congo, Ghana, Senegal, India, Pakistan, Peru and Nigeria. The people living in the Villages formulate projects to address local issues. Together, the people and the Neighbours find solutions. For Neighbours, the focus is not on donating money, but on sharing knowledge, ideas and contacts.
Do you have skills in searching the internet, building a website, researching custom regulations or designing a medical clinic? Have ideas for a brochure design or a feature story etc? You do? Then volunteer your services to community projects worldwide via Nabuur.


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  1. I am kind of intimidated to click on this. Will someone be disappointed to find out that I can’t help them with something engineering related?

    Comment by LaMinty on July 22, 2013 at 9:34 am

  2. The above organization was found in 2008 by the disabled themselves to up lift them, the standard’s of living and economic empowerment, through vocational skills trainings
    We are seeking for assistance support to run our vocational Training projects which is ongoing at Center in Jinja
    • What we are having :- is the Land, buildings, water, Electricity and the trainers
    The equipments like sowing machines, welding machines second hand computers, second hand camera or, video camera, carpentry tools, and hand crafts materials
    The organization is appealing to the ministries, NGOs, privet company, Institutions, National, International, well wishers, to donate, the second hands equipments above, to support the needy youth with disabilities organizations which is needed to support!!

    We hope to hear from you soon
    Joseph Gamubaka
    CHAIRMAN/quick & quality of PWDs

    Comment by Joseph Gamubka on March 29, 2014 at 8:58 am

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