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Natalia Project – Defending Civil Right Defenders

The Natalia Project is a personal alarm for human rights defenders at risk of being kidnapped. In the case of an attack the alarm is activated by a simple pull of the wristband. Once activated, a signal containing the exact GPS location is sent via mobile phone network to Civil Rights Defenders headquarters in Stockholm, and also to people in the vicinity who can immediately come to the rescue.
What makes the Natalia Project unique, is the alarm can also issue the signal to automatically update and inform the Natalia Project Facebook and Twitter accounts. This means that potentially hundreds of thousands of people can be aware of an attack, literally, within minutes of it happening and start to put pressure on the regime.
When a distress signal is sent out, Civil Rights Defenders will validate the signal, take appropriate action and keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds. They then need your help to bring the assault to world’s attention by helping them to spread the message through every media channel. Your attention can save lives. Depending on the situation, several different suggestions for taking action will be presented by Civil Rights Defenders.
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