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Guías Microvoluntariado – Español

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Our Translators

We are indebted to the kindness of the following volunteers who generously gave up their time to translate our guides into Spanish.

Cristina NovoCristina Novo currently works as an English-Spanish translator based in Madrid. Her background is in biology and enjoys translation work in environment and the health sciences. Earlier in her life she worked on environmental issues: on wetland conservation for Environment Canada in Ottawa, and on water resource management for an environmental consulting firm in Madrid. Her personal interests include environment and social justice issues, and education.

María Cristina Vignolo is a teacher who is currently retiring from her University job in Argentina, where she was born. She now lives in Mar del Plata, a seaside resort on the Atlantic coast. During her 36-year academic career, she taught English at all age-levels. She likes proofreading, editing, transcribing and translation tasks, both in English and Spanish. Her favourite word: “service”. Her favourite phrase: “At your service.” Her favourite sentence: “I want to make my life more meaningful by rendering service!”

Martha Duenas, is now retired from the sales and marketing industry and now spends her retirement as a translator. Of her translation contribution to Help From Home, she stated “It is one small contribution to help make a change.” In 2013 she is planning to start her own own microvolunteering project, by helping low income Spanish speaking immigrants, with the certified document translations required by the Immigration Authorities of the United States. Besides translating,  she enjoys travelling, nature, and having the love of a big family both in Colombia and New Mexico where she is living.