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Help From Holiday

For Armchair Travellers

Before A Holiday
Know where you’re going on holiday? Benefit worthy causes in the country you’re about to visit – before you’ve even got there!

After A Holiday
Moved by the country you’ve just visited? Compelled to improve conditions? Use your holiday memories to change it’s future!

Use our interactive map below to discover loads of initiatives from all over the world that all need your help.

Responsible tourism was never this easy!

In-Flight Microvolunteering

How much of your travelling time do you spend sitting on a plane looking for something to do or to occupy your mind? Ever thought about participating in a spot of microvolunteering in-flight, to benefit worthy causes?

Click the button below to discover what impact you can make around the world, whilst flying over it!

Travel Agents / Tour Operators

Our approach to responsible tourism is an angle we believe can give you a competitive edge in an already saturated market. We’re providing several ideas as part of our commitment to spread some good out there – oh, and if it increases your customer base, well that can’t be a bad thing, can it? Check out our responsible tourism ideas by clicking the button.

The Last Word Help From Holiday is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire people to gain a greater perspective of the world we live in, by empowering them to benefit the peoples and countries across the globe.