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In-Flight Microvolunteering!

Volunteering in a plane whilst stuck in a chair for up to 6 hours (or longer) at 35,000 feet is impossible of course. Well actually, not so! With a small bit of preparatory work before your flight, you could be making some impact in the world whilst you fly over it!

Below, we show you the 3 different ways in which you can microvolunteer in-flight, complimented with associated action suggestions that you can participate in.

Did You Know!
In 2015, 3.57 billion passengers were carried by the world’s airlines. If all those people spent just 10 minutes microvolunteering during their individual flights instead of napping or yapping, it would equate to 67,922 years volunteered – just watching the world go by, whilst changing it!
Source: ATAG

.Laptop / tablet with internet access

Preparatory work = none, as you’ll be surfing the net as normal (although the speeds might be slower), where online microvolunteering opportunities via Help From Home will be available as they would be on terra firma.

Cost = internet (if available) is expensive and dependent on airline’s rates

Laptop / tablet, no internet

Preparatory work = choose the actions you want to participate in before your flight, as you’ll be accessing websites offline. You’ll then be able to perform actions that can then be saved and uploaded once internet connection is regained. Use a free website copier like HTTrack to download a website and surf offline.

Cost = nothing

Action Suggestions

No laptop / tablet

Preparatory work = you’ll need to choose which actions you want to participate in before your flight and then take the necessary material in your hand luggage, bearing in mind the restrictions that airlines impose on what you can and cannot take on board. Materials are usually things you use everyday anyway.

Cost = materials

Action Suggestions

……………………………………………Bits and Bobs

Remember to charge your laptop / tablet up before your flight.

If you participated in an action offline that needs internet access to complete it, please remember to close it out once you’re back online.

The principles of the In-Flight Volunteering could equally apply to journeys taken by car, coach, bus, boat, train or cruises.

Of course you don’t have to confine your volunteering activity to just the flight. Think about the time you spend in the airport just waiting for your flight.

If you felt your In-Flight Volunteering experience was impactful, then why not let the airline you flew with know about it. They are always looking for different angles to present themselves as a socially responsible company. They may even include an article about it in their in-flight magazine. Just imagine the ripple of impact that may achieve!

If you spend your time volunteering on a plane doing something different to what we’ve suggested above, Contact Us so that we can share it with our audience.


VAHC had been contacted by a local charity last minute who were desperate for help to read through their annual report. Angie, who was traveling to Paris at the time, jumped at the chance and was able to help the charity whilst in transit saying “It will give me something to do on the plane!” Her great attitude, and work, won her #PopUpHarrow Volunteer for the month of August 2015 and is an amazing example of how accessible micro-volunteering can be.
Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative



……0….Call Out to Airlines

Interested in improving your CSR rating directly with your customers? Why not consider issuing our A5 size leaflets to your passengers, informing them on how they can make use of the time they spend travelling with you, more impactful.
At the moment you’re missing out on a massive PR / CSR opportunity!!