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Responsible Tourism Ideas

We know that travel companies and tour operators are trying to find an edge over their competitors – something that no other company is promoting. We also know that responsible tourism is a ‘big thing’ these days. We feel that the following unique ideas (as far as we know) could tap into this market whilst improving your bottom line via a larger customer base.


What if you as a travel agent could encourage your customers to become responsible tourists Before or After their holiday without them either leaving the comfort of their own home or impacting into their holiday! They could perform some very easy actions that take between 1 – 30 minutes to accomplish, that could have the potential to benefit the countries they are visiting – all at no cost to you as a travel agent or your customers.

It would certainly add a whole new dimension to their holiday, knowing that they could help out the people and lands they’re travelling through, where they may even be able to see first hand the type of deserving causes they’ve benefitted. What a great feeling that would be for your customers!


The Big Ideas


Why not associate a particular tour / holiday with a given action so that your customers have the option of contributing to the country, relevant to their chosen holiday. It will also demonstrate that you are adopting a responsible tourist approach to their holiday. It’s a win / win situation for tourists, your firm and the worthy causes.

For instance if you have a holiday to India, then it could be associated with an initiative called ‘Bhookh’ which invites people to click on a ‘Give Free Food’ button, that then pays for food to be sent to India’s hungry – all at no cost to your customer. The donations are paid for by sponsors of the Bhookh website. Now that’s different!

Rather than specifically associating an action with a particular tour / holiday, why not include in your travel brochure or on your website, a brief description as to how people can become responsible tourists from the comfort of their own armchair and let your customers decide which countries they would like to benefit. You could provide a direct link to our ‘Help From Holiday’ project or we could guide you on the type of actions to include within perhaps, your own ‘in-house’ project.

Want to promote this unique form of responsible tourism without including it in your brochure or website? Why not pin up the following A4 poster in your high street shop(s) or office(s). Showing your customers that you embrace the responsible tourism concept is not only good PR for you, but also gives your customers the choice of having a more rewarding and meaningful holiday. Oh, and it’s also pretty good for the worthy causes as well that could be benefitting from the various responsible tourist actions on offer!