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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Help From School

Change The World From Just Your School!

Discover classroom based microvolunteering activities that any student can participate in. Our remit is to provide alternative suggestions to traditional volunteering activities, where you don’t even have to leave the classroom to do good. Our ‘Help From School’ scheme is self running, and can be conducted anytime, anywhere, for anybody!

Advantages of Microvolunteering
don’t need to leave classroom
completed in under 30 minutes
useful for citizenship courses
teaches responsibility to others
simple and easy to use
free, flexible and on-demand
no security checks
no particular skills required
meaningful impact for nonprofits

For Students

Microvolunteering actions can contribute to your personal development skills, as well as expand your CV skill set. Click on the buttons below for more info.


School Project Suggestion

Looking for ideas to create a ‘do good’ school project or after-school club? Download our free guide below, that provides inspiration and ideas for setting up a project around microvolunteering actions.

“This is a great opener for my students’ community service project. I know it will spark a real conversation about the needs in our community and how we each can make a difference.”
Dianne M – Teachers Pay Teachers

For Teachers

Educate your students to change the world and become responsible active citizens by engaging them in volunteering activities during a class lesson, without them actually leaving the classroom – all via our FREE downloadable Microvolunteering Education Pack below.

Teacher Resource Pack

The Education Pack includes:

introduction to traditional volunteering
microvolunteering explained
2 activity note sheets
22 microvolunteering activity cards

In addition, please click the button below to access the video and online actions that compliments the Education pack.

Themed Classroom Activity Suggestions

Looking for some ideas on how to engage your students in meaningful activities that not only contribute to their learning, but also help out worthy causes as well. The activities suggested in the themed categories below can all (well, mostly all) be conducted within a classroom environment using an internet enabled device.

From cyclones to cancer, galaxies to Genghis Khan, there’s a whole lot more to discover in these citizen scientist activities!

Play games and contribute to research projects, whilst learning about so many different subjects. Education was never this fun!

Use your knowledge to help worthy causes, whilst educating yourself on all sorts of subjects! Learning, made exciting!


Not all of the actions on our database provide impact / progress tracking functions. However, if you need these type of ‘report-back’ statistics to convey a sense of achievement, then we’ve provided a list of those actions that do provide this facility, as we don’t provide them ourselves. These can be found by clicking the ‘Impact Tracking’ image opposite!

Doing Good, Doing Revision!

Aaargh! Revising + doing good = Impossible! With microvolunteering, it isn’t!

For Students – our summary sheet provides a good basic introduction to microvolunteering to whet your appetite to do good, whilst revising

For Teachers – our summary sheet is in an easily printable A4 format. Hand it out to your students to show them what good they can do, whilst revising

Is ‘Help From School’ Being Used By Educational Organisations?

Just look at the map below to see who’s on board that we are aware of in a capacity of either promoting ‘Help From School’ / microvolunteering within an educational environment or who’s expressed an interest in using the Teacher Education Pack.

Bits and Bobs!

Microvolunteering: Evidence of ImpactParticipation in microvolunteering also creates impact in the wider world out there. For actions that in of itself would seem as though they are not contributing anything worthwhile, you’d be surprised what they’re actually achieving. We have compiled a widely read report into this subject ‘Microvolunteering: Evidence of Impact’. See if it don’t raise your eyebrows!!

If you want to know what students think about volunteering within school syllabuses, then UK based Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) produced just such a report, based on a survey they conducted in 2011. You can view it here.

We’ve been asked to provide several programmes of microvolunteering activities that students of various schools can participate in. It’s a FREE service, so just Contact Us to let us know if you would like to involve your students in doing good. You can view samples of these programmes, by clicking the images below.

The Last Word

Help From School is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire pupils to volunteer their time for the benefit of others and thus instil a sense of altruism from an early age.