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Teacher’s Education Guide

Change The World From Your Classroom

The Teacher’s Education Guide is designed to:

initially introduce your students to responsible citizenship by asking them to think about traditional volunteering activities and who they most benefit

provide an explanation of the microvolunteering concept via various activity examples, whilst outlining the pros and cons of this type of volunteering

educate your students via call out sessions, activity note sheets and discussion groups

The Teacher’s Education Guide is complimented with the video below, which we recommend playing at full screen at the beginning of the class session to serve as an introduction to the topic. You may encounter adverts on the video, which we have no control over.

Integrity and Assurance

Microvolunteering actions can play a part within national education policies, where the Guide enables your students to put into practice what they’ve learnt and uniquely volunteer within the actual class lesson. If you want to be assured that your students will not be exposed to anything inappropriate, we have compiled a checklist of factors that we use to determine whether an initiative should be included on our database or not. Please click on the buttons below:

Organisations suitability
Worthy cause definition
Micro-action definition