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School Community Project

What do you do if you’ve been asked to set up a ‘do good’ community school project or you feel you want to encourage your fellow students to squeeze in a bit of volunteering in the spare moments of their day.

This guide is intended to inspire you to do something innovative – something probably that none of your colleagues are doing!

What is Microvolunteering?
‘easy, quick, no commitment, on-demand actions that benefit a worthy cause’
Help From Home
‘…no commitment to repeat and with minimum formality, involving short & specific actions that are quick to start & complete’
Institute of Volunteering Research

Setting Things Up

To set up and organise a club / project devoted to microvolunteering activities, consider running a microvolunteering group session on the following basis:

at regular frequencies, eg fortnightly, monthly

consistent time frame, eg 1 hour, 2 hours duration

occasional / frequent ‘drop-in and do-good’ sessions

different theme for each session

based around certain causes, eg poverty, environment, animal welfare etc

particular type of microvolunteering, eg skilled, unskilled, smartphone

specific action type, eg fundraising, advocacy, offline

focused around member’s interests, eg science, books

Project Activity Suggestions

The ideas below will hopefully make you think about what’s possible and encourage you to microvolunteer for the betterment of your community, be that local, national or international.

Give 1%

What does 1% of your lunchbreak or workshift equate to? Be amazed by what impact you can achieve with just 1% of your time!

Famous For 15 Minutes

Be the first to get to 15 minutes worth of microvolunteering. Can’t be that hard to do, can it? You be the judge.

Pyjama Power

At home or at school. Be good, do good, reap good….all in your PJs. The perfect recipe to earn karma in your pyjamas!

Take an ipad / tablet into care homes and show residents how to use them, whilst highlighting the charitable actions they can participate in. Check out Alive! ipad Sessions for inspiration as to how to conduct this activity.

Set up a goal to achieve an Award Badge for the time microvolunteered by group members, as well as the skills they’ve attained. Help From Home’s Skills 4 You project enables group members to develop work based skills via microvolunteering actions

Invite people to play the Microvolunteering Benevolent Bingo game, where the object of the game is to play bingo and do good at the same time

Consult the Skills For Change platform for ideas of skilled microvolunteering tasks that charities are seeking

Consider an “Adopt a Senior” program where members get the name of a particular senior at a home to write letters & send cards to, especially a birthday card!

Set up a sort of Secret Santa game, where people pick a random microvolunteering action from a hat from Help From Home’s website, for somebody else to do

Make a video of the group’s experience at microvolunteering and upload it to YouTube. Inform Help From Home about it and we’ll add it to our YouTube channel to encourage others to microvolunteer

Set up a pop-up stall with a laptop connected to the internet to encourage fellow students passing by to participate in a bit of bite-sized benevolence. See how others have organised such an event via the Microvolunteering Events 2015 document.

Third Party Activity Suggestions

The links below take you to projects or ideas developed by either individuals or nonprofits, that we hope could inspire a bit of bite-sized benevolence in your activities.

Doing Good for Nothing: Collate your skills together as a group and approach local charities / worthy causes with offers to help them out on microvolunteering tasks that last approximately 1 hour.

Spots of Time: this project has a very useful archive of offline bite-sized activities that benefits senior citizens within the senior home they reside in.

On Your Way Home: originally intended for employers to find microvolunteering opportunities on their way home from work, but could be adapted to students on their way home from school

15 minutes / day: concept idea for a platform that lets people sign up online for short time slots to do community good in their local area.

Good luck with your project!