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Help From Seniors

Change The World From Just Your Armchair

There are quite a few activities out there that benefit a worthy cause, without getting out of your favourite armchair! Beneficiaries of this type of volunteering include, but are not limited to, sick children, homeless people, animal welfare etc. They go under the fancy name of microvolunteering, as they can all be performed in sessions of up to 30 minutes at a time.

Advantages of Microvolunteering
don’t need to leave armchair
completed in under 30 minutes
empowers self worth & self esteem
opportunity to be valued
simple and easy to use
free, flexible and on-demand
no security checks
no particular skills required
stimulates mental activity

Activities For Senior Citizens

If you’re a senior citizen looking for something worthwhile to do that doesn’t involve traditional volunteering, then you might want to check out the following activities. Click on the category buttons below that interest you. All of the activities will need access to the internet, either to complete an action online or to obtain information about an offline action.



Animal Welfare


Arts & Culture


Craftwork / Offline

Citizen Science

Reducing Social Isolation

A microvolunteering task goes to a person rather than the other way round. This empowerment of being able to give back to society from a person’s home can help to reduce the sense of social isolation. Part of this isolation stems from a lack of social interaction, where amazingly microvolunteering can help. Check out the actions below.

E-Mentoring….Tutoring by Video

For Activity Organisers

Whether you’re an active senior citizen wanting to get your colleagues involved in doing good, or an activities organiser in a residential home looking for something different to do, you may want to consider organizing a session that revolves around some games we’ve devised that involve microvolunteering actions, and which can be participated on a group basis.

Benevolent Bingo….Famous for 15 Minutes


Has ‘Help From Seniors’ Helped Any Organisations?

Let us know if you’ve used our ‘Help From Seniors’ project and we’ll add you to our growing list of organisations doing good from just their armchair!

Hallmark Care Homes“…found some very useful items, also some very useful links to other websites…”
Home Manager, Ashleigh Court care home, Wrexham

Action for M.E.“Even though I am housebound, I’m still able to feel that I am making a difference. This site is great for people with M.E. looking for somewhere simple and easy to start.”

Age UK Berkshire – Featured on their website to promote volunteering to silver surfers

Age UK – Featured in their ‘Ideas for Volunteering Roles in Health and Social Care’ document that aimed to support older people through volunteering

Shaw Trust – “micro-volunteering can be one small way of showing they (disadvantaged people) can make a difference,without feeling under pressure to perform.
Sue John, Employment Adviser, Shaw Trust

NHS / Dept of Health – Featured in their ‘Dignity Champions Action Pack’ as part of the Dignity in Care campaign

Surrey Community Health – Featured in their ‘Improving Social Isolation and Loneliness’ guide

Oldies Media Aware Study – Referenced as the main go-to source of microvolunteering actions for a study for the ACH Group VITA Residents

The Last Word

The ‘Help From Seniors’ project is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire people to live a more meaningful life in their more senior years.