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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Help From Work

Change The World From Just Your Office!

Discover office based microvolunteering activities that any employee can participate in, be them skilled or un-skilled. Our remit is to provide alternative suggestions to traditional volunteering activities, where you don’t even have to leave the workplace to do good. Our ‘Help From Work’ scheme is self running, and can be conducted anytime, anywhere, for anybody!

Advantages of Microvolunteering
simple and easy to use
boosts staff morale
no administration
free, flexible and on-demand
meaningful impact for nonprofits
no security checks
less organising than on-site projects
no particular skills required
no ‘away time’ from the office

For Employees

Recognize any of the ‘spare time’ activities below? The links take you to actions that benefit nonprofits! If you don’t need to change anything you already do, how far would you go to benefit worthy causes?

Surfing the Net – fundraise for free
Viewing photos – assist the blind
Watching videos – help deaf people
Facebooking – free fundraising
Listening to music – fundraise for free
Playing games – feed the hungry
Emailing – benefit sick children

Inspired? See below for more ways to do good from your workplace! Volunteering was never this easy.

For Employers

We’ve provided two free guides to download and acquaint yourself with the microvolunteering concept.

Introduction to Microvolunteering
Employee Microvolunteering

Microvolunteering Introduction Booklet……….

Inspired? See below for ideas on how to incorporate microvolunteering within your employer supported volunteering program!

Activities for Employer Supported Volunteering Projects


Timed Activity Sessions


Three different schemes, all self running. Each provides suggested examples of microvolunteering activities to participate in. All you have to do is to decide which time slot to go for. Simple as….!

From 1 to 30 minutes. Bite sized morsels of meaningful goodness, all squeezed within your lunch break!

Invest in 2 hours worth of actions, for that extra bit of oomph to your employee volunteering program!

60 minutes worth of fun, easy, no commitment actions that benefit so many different worthy causes!


Themed Activity Ideas


Looking for some direction on which to focus an Employee Volunteering Scheme (EVS)? Take a look at our ideas below that can be participated in before, during or after work! We provide the suggestions, you promote the actions within your EVS.

Change from people watching to people helping. Quick sub 10 minute actions to show you care on your commute to or from work! Wifi access required.

Use your computer, laptop or tablet to work on no commitment, on-demand projects that can be completed via your desktop in under 30 minutes!

All the fun, all the action, just offline! For individuals or a get together of groups of people. Actions include writing, crafting, recycling, and snipping!



Not all of the actions on our database provide impact / progress tracking functions. However, if you need these type of ‘report-back’ statistics for inclusion in your CSR program, then we’ve provided a list of those actions that do provide this facility, as we do not provide them ourselves. These can be found by clicking the image opposite!


Integrating Employee Microvolunteering into the Workplace

Each workplace is different. The following pointers therefore are only guidelines. Adapt to suit.

Conduct a panel discussion / survey about introducing microvolunteering as part of an employee supported volunteering scheme

Select a few interested individuals and invite them to microvolunteer in their lunchbreak. Obtain feedback. If positive, share amongst employees

Obtain expressions of interest from employees. Arrange a time and date for interested employees to microvolunteer

Encourage participants to take screenshots of their online activities or selfies of them microvolunteering

Share news, photos and experiences of employees microvolunteering actions via email, newsletter or intranet. Recognize individuals / departments who are engaging the most

Develop further with regular microvolunteering meetups. See below for further ideas


Microvolunteering Meetups


Need ideas to get a group of people microvolunteering together? Here’s some that either focus on a group name to motivate people or an Awareness Day to focus activities around. There’s plenty of other aligned Awareness Days – we’ve just concentrated on the ones related to workplaces. For more Awareness Days, visit this webpage and scroll down to the bottom.

Suggested Meetup Names

Meet ‘n Microvolunteer
Microvolunteering Monday
Hang Out to Help Out
Click and Change Circle
Change Tomorrow, Today
Microvolunteering Matters
Work 4 Change
Turn Up & Try

Workplace Awareness Days

1st Friday in March
Employee Appreciation Day

1st week in April
International Fun At Work Day

Mid May
Give and Gain Day (employee volunteering)


Posters / Infographics


Three different posters / infographics to encourage staff to contribute to an employer supported volunteering project

Lend Your Lunch

Hungry For Change?

Do Good During Your
Working Day

Examples of Firms Engaging in Microvolunteering

State Street Bank
Uses Microvolunteering actions from HFH in their Flex Work Employee Network scheme, that also utilizes a Microvolunteering Raffle to encourage engagement

Sainsburys (page 5 of download)
Sainsburys employees participated in various micro-actions via VCS North Kesteven’s employee supported volunteering scheme
Previously promoted our Help From Work project as part of it’s responsible citizenship programe, called ‘Good Together’. Current scheme now focusses on different issues

Micro-actions from HFH were included in Ebay’s employee social innovation platform, ‘Little Bits of Good’

Please let us know if you’ve used the micro-actions from our database within your employee supported volunteering project. We’ll include you in the above list.


Employee Microvolunteering in the Media

‘The Virtues of Virtual Volunteering and Online Fundraising’

Hands On
‘Service in Seconds: The Benefits of Lunchtime Volunteering’
‘A Little Bit of Employees’ Time Can Go a Long Way as a ‘Microvolunteer’

The News Star
‘New workplace innovations abound in 2013′


The Last Word
Help From Work is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire office workers to discover they can volunteer their time for the benefit of others without leaving their workplace.