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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Help From Work

Change The World From Just Your Office!

Discover office based microvolunteering activities that any employee can participate in, be them skilled or unskilled. Our remit is to provide alternative suggestions to traditional volunteering activities, where you don’t even have to leave the workplace to do good. Our ‘Help From Work’ scheme is self running, and can be conducted anytime, anywhere, for anybody!

Advantages of Microvolunteering
free and easy to use
staff choose their own actions
all inclusive from Cleaner to CEO
flexible and on-demand
meaningful impact for nonprofits
no security checks
less organising than on-site projects
no particular skills required
no ‘away time’ from the office

Enables employees to choose their own action, independent from each other!


Activities for Employer Supported Volunteering Projects

Convenient bundles of on-demand microvolunteering activities designed for lunchbreaks or designated employee volunteering time. Just choose and go! All activities are suitable for:

all employees from the Cleaner to CEO
mobile, non office based staff
temporary immobile, eg. on crutches
disabled employees

Under 1 minute


Under 5 minute actions


Under 10 minute actions

Under 20 minute actions
Under 30 minute actions


Impact Tracking

We do not provide impact / progress tracking functions, purely because many of the initiatives running a microvolunteering action supply it themselves. For convenience then, we’ve homed in on those initiatives that do provide this facility, whilst also providing guidance on ways in which to record volunteering activity in a microvolunteering environment.

Individual Impact

Useful for employee volunteering schemes where individuals can choose their own activity, whilst also enabling them to record their impact for CSR reports.

Group Impact

These actions can be used via a shared login that enables people to work on the same task, either remotely or together in the same workplace!

Impact Recording

Various methods can be used to record the impact / activity of a person taking part in a microvolunteering task. We briefly expand on a few of them.


Integrating Employee Microvolunteering into the Workplace

Need ideas to get a group of people microvolunteering together? Look no further!


Microvolunteering Meetups


#Challenge 2016
Find just 2016 seconds (just over 33 minutes) to do good in the year 2016!

Famous For 15 Minutes
Be the first to reach 15 minutes, in our group microvolunteering game!

Give 1%
Give just 1% of your time during your lunchbreak or normal working day!

Benevolent Bingo
Play Bingo and be benevolent, in our game designed for a group of people!

Microvolunteering Day
1 day, 24 hours, 10 minutes to do good, on or around April 15th every year!

Wellbeing Workout
Spend just 10 minutes working at your wellbeing, in our Wellbeing Workout!


Want to promote a bit of lunch time volunteering? Download our free posters for your noticeboard.

Lend Your Lunch

Hungry For Change?

Free Guides

Two free guides for your HR and CSR departments to implement microvolunteering in the workplace.

Microvolunteering Introduction Booklet

An Introduction

in the Workplace

Examples of Firms Engaging in Microvolunteering

Just look at the map below to see which businesses are embracing the microvolunteering concept within their employee volunteering programs. To see a detailed list, just click on the double arrow icon in the upper right hand corner of the map.

Please let us know if you’ve used the micro-actions from our database within your employee supported volunteering project. We’ll include you in the above map.


Employee Microvolunteering in the Media

‘The Virtues of Virtual Volunteering and Online Fundraising’

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‘Service in Seconds: The Benefits of Lunchtime Volunteering’
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The Last Word
Help From Work is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire office workers to microvolunteer their time for the benefit of others without leaving their workplace.