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Microvolunteering in the Workplace

Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment, on-demand actions that benefit a worthy cause and which can be completed in under 30 minutes. It is mostly conducted online and can be participated on any internet enabled device eg mobile, tablet, laptop.

Microvolunteering is ideally suited to the workplace environment within an employee volunteering programme having many, many advantages over traditional volunteering activities, such as in organising, engagement and administration.

“Those who do not incorporate microvolunteering into their ESV programmes may miss an important opportunity to scale the reach & impact of their ESV programmes. As more & more companies incorporate microvolunteering into their ESV programmes, the companies who lag behind may ultimately experience difficulty in differentiating themselves against their competitors in this space”
A 2020 Vision For Employer Supported Volunteering – Accenture


According to various surveys, it pays to keep your employees engaged, particularly so if that engagement comes in the form of an employee volunteering programme. Here’s a few reasons why that engagement should be in the form of microvolunteering actions.


More nonprofits can be helped in the same time frame than that for traditional volunteering activities. Visually, this will look good in Corporate Citizenship reports

Microvolunteering is an innovative approach to volunteering. This may enhance the company’s image as an ‘employer of choice’

Gives an organization or nonprofit access to volunteers who would not otherwise be able to volunteer because they lack the time or the ability to be physically available


HR Managers do not have to spend time mobilizing a workforce to attend a volunteering event

No more orientation meetings needed, nor training or security checks required to participate

Onus rests with employee to participate, thus reducing administrative time spent chasing employees who have expressed an interest

Less paperwork involved, as monitoring and volunteer engagement process is all conducted online

Volunteer Engagement

Potential to increase volunteer engagement, as it reduces the complexity for employees to register for activities

The greater diversity of actions offered, compared to traditional employee volunteering activities, could inspire the workforce to become more volunteer engaged

Microvolunteer actions are more inclusive than traditional volunteering events in certain areas, as the mobility impaired employee can now participate on the same level as able bodied people


Employees can individually choose an activity, independent from everyone else

Employees can still answer the phone at their desk, thus minimizing disruption to workflow

Employees can volunteer in their lunchbreak without it impacting into their routine

Micro-actions can be taken outside of the workplace on employees commute. Employees could therefore be earning valuable Corporate Citizenship ‘brownie points’ even outside of work hours

Integrating Microvolunteering into the Workplace

Each workplace is different. The following pointers therefore are only guidelines. Adapt to suit.

Conduct a panel discussion / survey about introducing microvolunteering as part of an employee supported volunteering scheme

Select a few interested individuals and invite them to microvolunteer in their lunchbreak. Obtain feedback. If positive, share amongst other employees.

Perhaps set up a communal account with a nonprofit, so that employees can contribute to one task and monitor the firms overall impact. See an example from Monmouthshire County Council for their employees, via the Freerice game

Encourage participants to take screenshots of their online activities or take selfies of themselves microvolunteering

Share news, photos and experiences of employees microvolunteering actions via email, newsletter or intranet. Recognize individuals / departments who are engaging the most with a Recognition Certificate

Develop further with regular microvolunteering meetups. See our Help From Work webpage for some ideas to encourage people to microvolunteer together