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Poo Power – Locating Dog Poo Hot Spots

Tired of seeing dog poo in your local area? Australian based Poo Power is a smartphone app that enables people to pinpoint the locations of ‘left behind’ dog poo in their local area, anywhere in the world .  With Poo Power you can fight back against dog debris by photographing the poo you find and describing it. This app will allow you to beam your photo up to a satellite to help them pinpoint the location on their GPS hotspots map, which is then sent to your local council or city administrators with a “Clean up the doo doo” email.
The Poo Power initaitive ultimately aims to prevent the poo from being wasted in landfills, and using it for energy instead. As well as this every time you send a photo in, it allows Poo Power to target the area where the photo was taken in order to keep your local playground, park or path free of dog poo.
Fight back against irresponsible owners!


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